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Ganon Baker Basketball is here to get YOU better

I have been around the game of basketball, the skill training business and the coaching world for over 30 years. My journey has been filled with invaluable lessons in basketball and business along the way (Some I learned the hard way). I have been able to pass this knowledge forward any time a Player, Coach or Skill Trainer would ask me for help and in turn this helped them all improve beyond their dreams. I continue to grow personally by constantly connecting with people all over the World that have proven to be excellent resources for anyone that plays or coaches the beautiful game of basketball. I have made it my personal mission to help even more people reach levels of excellence that might seem impossible at times. Hit the button below to learn how me and my team can help YOU get better.

The Next Step

Mentorship Options

My team and I are here to help you:

• Build your Skill Training Business 

• Get more recognition Nationally and Internationally by joining my Nation of Coaches

• Restructure or grow your existing business through my Private Mentorship program

NEW Basketball Curriculum!

This new comprehensive basketball curriculum will change how people learn the game of basketball worldwide. It is perfect for players and coaches from the beginner all the way through to professionals. Not only do we show players how to train, but we show coaches and trainers how to teach!


You can see and feel the passion LIVE and in person! Bring me or one of my Ganon Baker Basketball Nation members right to your gym or come to us. Grassroots, High School, College, Pro, Local Training, Camps, and my world renowned Coaching Certification. Tap the button.

The Grind

Get in on The Grind for updates on all of things Ganon Baker Basketball has been up to, monthly wisdom and new drills as well as offers towards some of my products. I would love to have you on board!

This is Ganon Baker

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Wellness Is Your Greatest Wealth!

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