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ATTENTION: Basketball Coaches Struggling to Come Up With a “Stay at Home” Program

Here’s How to Get My Complete Library of Skills, Drills, Training Plans & Coaching Materials

This “Last Set of Basketball Drills You’ll Ever Need” is What Thousands of Coaches Around the World Have Used to Build Championship Programs

As coaches, skills trainers and players stay indoors worrying about…

…Losing the skills they worked so hard on all season

…Losing the motivation to keep up training at home

…Missing their chance of recruitment or landing scholarships…

You’re doing something to give your players, team and career the edge.

Because you’re using your extra time to fill your toolbox with proven drills, moves and skills.

Next time you meet with your team… You’ll have a superior workout.

More crucially…

By using my teaching methods and motivational techniques you inspire your players to practice at home.

Motivating your players to work harder in the “extended” off-season with your solid training plan.

When things return to normal…

Your players haven’t forgotten your workouts.

They’re actually BETTER because they’ve got more reps of correct practice.

As everyone else stagnates…

Your players and team will come back stronger than ever.

Giving you a solid edge against every other opposition.

So much so they’re going to ask you to share your secrets!

Get After It – No Matter What the Situation

If you find you have more time on your hands now…

Strategically fill your toolbox with new moves, drills and skills so your next workout goes off with a bang.

Follow my approach and you’ll inspire a team who can fill your trophy cabinet…

And who wants to win in life.You’ll inspire a team of living trophies.

This is the only basketball curriculum containing every single basketball fundamental for grade school, middle school, high school, college and professional levels.

Designed in a way to make last week’s, last month’s – even last season’s – moves as automatic as tying your shoes.

Building basketball IQ so your players and team intuitively know what to do in every situation in live gameplay.

This alone gives you a powerful tool worth its weight in platinum to put into your back pocket.

Just One Teaching Point Can Inspire and Motivate Your Players to Work Harder…

…Use these immediately to get your players to work harder, play together and want to win in life.

Especially with the long off-season approaching.

Just one motivational technique can change a player’s mindset.

Just one teaching point can transform the way you do your workouts.

Just one approach can maximize retention
Get the Best of Everything I Know and Teach

Over the last 20 years, I’ve travelled the world working out with players like Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler, Harrison Barnes and many others.

I’ve worked with 100,000s players and coaches… and what you’re about to get is my complete collection of basketball drills for beginner, intermediate, advanced and pro level players.

You’ll get every single teaching method, motivational point and coaching techniques for the complete mental and emotional development of your players and team.

The best of absolutely everything to create the complete player.

13 Courses
FOUR Separate Levels.

One FULL Curriculum For Every Age And Ability

You’ll get instant access to every single time-tested fundamental I know for certain works. Both for individual and team skills in shooting, finishing, driving, passing, defense and much, much more including:
  • A total of 1227 drills, moves and skill development training. You’ll need just a handful in your entire career to create proven training plans in record time.
  • Basic Curriculum has 251 fundamentals for beginners ages 6 to 10 setting young players up for a prosperous career.
  • Intermediate Curriculum has 328 drills to develop players to compete at high school.
  • Advanced Curriculum has 311 elite skills, drills and workouts for coaches, players and skills trainers for high-school and lower collegiate.
  • Pro Curriculum has 337 of the top front-line skills, drills and workouts for the highest of collegiate and professional levels. Suitable for NBA, WNBA, Euro League, Euro Cup, CBA and many other high-level professional league players.
You Too Could Have a Team of Players Who Perform and Win More Consistently – In as Little as 30 Days!

Here’s a 30,000-foot view of what you’re going to discover when you invest in my Full Curriculum.

  • Discover how to motivate players to practice at home in way that boosts retention levels AT LEAST 400%) …

Because players rarely get inspired by your words alone… Do THIS instead to motivate players to put in as much work at home as in workouts. (See Offensive Goals Point 10)

  • Discover how to motivate players, maintain fitness and how to maximize ball stamina. Especially important when leagues, tournaments and games are cancelled. You’ll find all this in the Offensive Goals Video (Specifically, 4/9 in Welcome To The Course).

You’ll also discover how to…

  • Create a winning culture and level of comradery other teams are envious of.
  • Inspire the laziest players to feel so motivated they do more in your workouts than the best team in the league’s best player. 
  • Have your players buy into your vision and want to work together as a team… My Curriculum even inspires the most stubborn ball-hogs to work together. If they still don’t listen after doing this… It’s time to drop ‘em or let ‘em go.
  • The physical, emotional and mental challenges in basketball that are NEVER spoken about. (Use this to your advantage and get the most out of your team, your player’s lives and your career!)
  • Get looks of admiration from parents and other coaches during the tougher parts of the season! (You’re chilled while others worry about the sharp glances and little whispers from their team, colleagues and parents).
  • Always feel confident you can deal with every possible situation on the court and in training.  (You’re cool and collected while everyone around flaps and panics.) Never have a player blow up in the middle of a game, and if they do, know how to manage the situation so you come out looking like a winner.
  • Always know what to do when players just don’t get it. Especially with kids, teens and their painfully short attention spans. 
  • Get your team to perform more reliably by doing LESS in practice. (See the Teaching Methods video for ways to make your practice efficient).
  • Develop a team of ambidextrous players. I teach players how to do the drills using both hands!
  • Exactly the right time to intervene and give praise or correct errors. This actually motivates players to push harder. (I show you how to intervene using age and level appropriate demonstrators in the program).
Basic Curriculum (Levels 1-4)
  • What NEVER to do when your player does something wrong – Deliberate or not…I urge you to watch and rewatch the “Ganon Tip” video in Shooting Basic Level 1 to make sure your player stays passionate as they mature, and always respects their coach.
  • Teach young players about their positions on the court – In a way they quickly understand. Basic Level 1 – First video in Moving Without the Ball.
  • Turn the “Never Thrown A Basketball Before” kid into accurate shooting machines! Mastering this now at a young age sets your players up for shooting success as they get older –Basic Level 1 – You’ll find 26 tested teaching points inside Shooting Videos.
  • The drill which virtually stops players from ever struggling with crossing over and losing the ball. Just imagine how they’ll play when they mature. Basic Level 1 – Ball Handling –Teaching Points 50 & 51.
  • Instantly get out-of-form players back to game-like fitness. This technique also stops players from missing open shots while building their jump shot… A skill lasting the rest of their careers. (Even the pros say this move played a role in their development as a young player.) – Basic Level 1 – Shooting –Teaching Points 3, 4, 5 & 6.
  • My Ultra Effective Way to guarantee your players have fun WHILE mastering off the ball skills – Basic Level 1 – Moving Without the Ball –Teaching Points 5, 6, 7 & 8.
  • The Entertaining Moves you can do with a chair to improve shooting accuracy. (Do this a few times, and your players will be among the best shooters in the league!) Basic Level 2 – “Shooting drills – Teaching Points 13, 14, 15 & 16.
  • Condition young players to maximize points in a game using this drill – Basic Level 3 – Rebounding – Teaching Points 7 & 8.
  • This Amusing Game teaches crucial on-court communication skills… Your players work as a team and develop team comradery. Stop players growing up to be ball hogs! Basic Level 4 – Moving Without the Ball. Teaching Points 9 & 10.
  • This powerful technique develops both offensive and defensive players simultaneously. Basic Level 4 – Driving – Teaching Points 7 & 8
  • When to use my favorite Jordan Drill on young players. And exactly what you need to do to inspire your team to play like the master himself. Basic Level 4 – “Jordan Drill” in Driving.
  • Why this Electrifying “NBA/WNBA Create Drill” boosts confidence and refines skills. Yet another one you can pull out your toolbox to re-engage a team that’s losing interest. Basic Level 4 – Ball Handling – Teaching Points 17 & 18.

That’s just a tiny sample of what’s available in the Beginner Curriculum which usually retails at $110.00 for each level – Or a total of $440.00 if you buy Level 1 – 4 separately.

Intermediate Curriculum (Levels 1-4)
  • Turn weaker players into unrelenting shooting machines. You’ll get every shooting drill a Middle School player could possibly need.
  • How to get players working as a team. Ball-hogs become a thing of the past!
  • Foot drills making your Middle School and Lower High School players the most agile team in your league. Imagine those bewildered looks when your players dance around defenders almost every single time!
  • Master Chris Paul’s moves leaving the tallest, strongest and fastest defenders wondering what just happened. This is the answer short players have been looking for. As a short player myself, I find this incredibly powerful. Intermediate Level 2 – Driving – Teaching Points 3 & 4.
  • Never watch a player lose focus again. You’ll get instant access to 90+ fun ball handling drills you can instantly pull out to change the direction of practice in 30 seconds.
  • Turn players into on-court stars. Get INCREDIBLE results when competing against bigger, older and smarter players). Intermediate level 4 – Moving Without the Ball – Teaching Points 1 & 2.
  • This Drill (used by Billy Donavan) transforms the clumsiest of players into ball catching masters! – Intermediate Level 4 Post Play.
  • Correct Driving Errors the right way. Players not only improve, but feel positive about your feedback – Intermediate Level 4 – Teaching Points 15, 16, 17 & 18.
  • How to “Slow and Low Slide” your way to defensive mastery giving your team a shot at making the Championship. Intermediate Level 2 – Defense Video 1.
  • Why this Pounding Drill removes pressure from defenders –Putting your players in prime position for the shot – Intermediate Level 1 – Post Play –Teaching Points 17 & 18.
  • And finally, My Favorite Finishing moves turning short players into scoring machines even against unnaturally tall defenders – Intermediate Level 4 – Finishing – Box Drill Series.
That’s just the beginning! Each level of the Intermediate Curriculum retails at $125.00, or a total of $500.00 for the entire program when purchased individually.
Advanced Curriculum (Levels 1-4)
  • The Ultra Simple “Flips” technique suitable for ALL high school and collegiate players. Use these to motivate players to improve their ball handling skills at home. Advanced Level 1 – Teaching Points 7 & 8.
  • Send defenders the wrong way almost every time using these “Fakes” Imagine your players consistently sneaking past defenders to open up the shot. Advanced Level 1 – Driving – Teaching Points 5 & 6.
  • Always know which way to pivot using this intuitive Hook Drill –Advanced Level 2 Finishing – Teaching Points 13 & 14.  
  • Instantly boost player agility with this “Bell Drill” – Advanced Level 2 – Finishing – Teaching Points 19 & 20.
  • The Amusing “Horse Game” turns complex game-like moves into automatic reflexes faster than ever. This encourages comradery. And your team instinctively know what to do in any situation. Advanced Level 2 – Teaching Points 11 & 12.
  • Why coaches should NEVER tidy up the gym or replace cones. And how something as simple as THIS can change a player’s life forever. Advanced Level 4. – Passing – “Don’t Enable Speech”.
  • Why the “KD Approach to Professionalism” skyrockets careers and turns players into living trophies. Apply this one simple mindset shift and I promise you’ll agree. Advanced Level 4 – Ganon Tip #1 in Shooting.
  • Use my “Swim Stroke” drill the right way to shoot flawless shots almost every time – Advanced Level 4 –Swim Post Drill in Shooting.
  • Develop a mid-range game like “The Mamba”. You’ll find my favorite Kobe drills in Advanced Level 1 – Shooting.
  • Never struggle with defenders pressuring you on the Catch by MASTERING this time-tested Kobe Drill. Advanced Level 1 – Shooting – Teaching Points 1 & 2.
  • Consistently own shot blockers and aggressive defenders. Advanced Level 4 – Shooting – Teaching Points 19 & 20.
  • This Super Simple Tactic works on defenders you can’t seem to get away from. This move (a favorite of Steve Nash, James Harden and many more) is ideal for smaller players (like myself) or slower drivers. Advanced Level 4 – Driving – Teaching Points 23 & 24.
  • Lightning shot speed and laser-focused accuracy? Use this Ray Allen move. Advanced Level 2 – Shooting – Teaching Points 5 & 6.
  • And much, much more…
The Advanced Curriculum retails at $135.00 for each level bringing the total cost to $540.00 if you purchase each level individually.
Pro Curriculum
  • This Steph Curry move makes your shot release faster, your pass touch better and your confidence soar. And makes repetitive workouts fun and engaging. Shooting – Teaching Point 3.
  • The quickest, easiest way college players and pros can stop defenders guarding. (Hint – You need to master this Screen Coverage Move. Shooting – Teaching Point 23.)
  • No more problems with screen reads… Never worry about even the most skillful defenders when coming off a side ball screen action again. Shooting – Teaching Points 18 to 24.Are your players struggling to find a way to get the ball open? Master passing off one hand and quickly get the ball to your teammate. Finishing – Teaching Point 22.
  • This drill isn’t fancy, but works every time to zing up assists. Even when defense is so tight it’s almost impossible to make an accurate pass. But you can… Finishing – Teaching Point 25.
  • Never worry about delivering the ball quickly with 100% accuracy again using THIS MOVE.  Finishing – Teaching Point 30.
  • Adapt this Kobe Move and lose defenders out of the triple threat virtually every time. Shooting – Teaching Point 37.
  • The Hilarious “Do Your Dance” that players LOVE, and are motivated to do outside workouts. A proven technique to master ball handling skills –Handling – Teaching Point 38.
  • Boost ambidexterity with dozens of my favorite two ball drills –See Ball Handling.
  • How to use the SAME move Ray Allen used to win the NBA Championship… With the same level of skill. Moving without the Ball – Teaching Point 2.
  • This “Jumper Move” prepares players to take on the biggest, longest, meanest giants the opposition puts in defense. Post Play – See NBA All Star Drill – Teaching Point 24.
And much, much more… The Pro Curriculum, a favorite among NBA players and coaches, retails at $550.00
How to Get Parents to Respect You as a Coach
-Value $27.00

Plus, you’ll also get instant access to my brand new, never released training on dealing with parents as a coach.

This program is divided into two parts.

Part I is for the coach.

It contains six videos teaching you how to interact with parents, and to set realistic expectations.

Print the PDF and put it in your back pocket to pull out when you need guidance.

Part II is for you to GIVE to the parents.

These six videos encourage and inspire parents to want to work more closely with you.

Print the PDF summary and give it to ALL the parents at the start of the season.

I’m giving you this for free when you invest in my Full Curriculum.

What Others Say About My Full Curriculum

Here are a few very recent videos sent to me by coaches who experienced HUGE wins after investing in my Full Curriculum.

One Day Coaching Prep School. The Next Day on the Team Bus With James Harden

Cody Toppert

Assistant Coach - University of Memphis

Play Video

Eight-Year-Old Dropping Double Digits at Six Grade Level & Coach of the Year Award

Isis Mitchell

JC Crew Founder

Play Video

“Pre-NBA Workouts AND Training With Confidence in Europe After Getting the Full Curriculum”

Tom Parker

Push Thru Athletics

Play Video

“Faster Results in Training and Faster Development in My Players”

Coach Mac Williams

Play Video

“This is the Most Comprehensive Curriculum for Basketball Out There - 100%”

Dimitri Rakas

Play Video

“You’ve Made Such an Impact on Who I am as a Trainer and a Coach”

Chad Friess

Kansas City

Play Video

“We Use it Every Day”

Anthony Passalacqua

Shootin’ School Basketball

Play Video

“We Started at the Bottom and Worked Our Way Up”

Ken Hanson (Head Boy’s coach) and Jason Young (Head Girl’s Coach)

Play Video

“You Really See the Players Confidence Level Grow”

Stefan Mes

of the Netherlands

Play Video
Here’s How Much it’s Worth…

If you purchased each of the 13 levels inside my Full Curriculum separately, it costs $2030.00

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How to Deal With Parents
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That this is the LAST SET OF TRAINING you’ll ever need to master the basketball fundamentals…

…AND develop the all-round complete physical, mental and emotional player.

I’ve spent 17 years refining and perfecting each one of the 1227 drills.

I’ve organized everything into a logical step-by-step Curriculum.

This is a collection of all my stuff that I’ve used at every level.

These drills, moves and teaching points work.

I’m so confident this will TRANSFORM your game and the game of your team that…

If at any time – for the rest of your life – you feel I haven’t delivered the goods…

I’ll personally work with you over email or video call to put you back on track.

And if it still doesn’t work for you, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

Motivate Your Player AND Fill Your Toolbox with Proven Drills

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Always feel confident during this crisis… And for the rest of your career.

Stay Positive – The game needs you.

Keep Getting After It.

Ganon Baker


All you have to do is decide you want access to 1000s of proven fundamentals taking your players, team and career to the next level.

We’ll do the rest.

Put in the time, and reach out to myself if you ever feel stuck – At any point in your career – Do this and you can’t fail.

One motivation technique can change a player’s mindset.

One new drill can improve skills in 30 days or less.

Apply my principles and just think where you’ll be a year from now…


This extraordinary 50% discount off my Full Curriculum is only available until 11:59 (and 59 seconds…) PM EST on Sunday 22nd March

Results vary on your current level, team ability, individual skill, fitness etc.