Partners with Ganon Baker Basketball

These are businesses and products that I put my name behind 100%.  I have used them and continue to excel by using them for myself and for the athletes I train.  Take a moment to check them out.  #GetAfterIt

Shot Coach

A physical tool designed to maximize a player’s shooting potential. Keeps shooting elbow in, to create correct proximity between shooting and guide hand. Eliminates ability to “thumb the ball” with guide hand. Insures correct hand placement and forces a mechanically sound shot each and every time. Bringing you the perfect form for the perfect shot!


SKLZ offers a wide selection of training equipment and programs to hone and fine-tune your basketball game. We offer basketball training equipment specially


CoreVYO is an athletic harness that promotes and challenges correct body position and core control. It’s a tool of interactive communication used by elite athletes and trainers to support optimal movement. CoreVYO is for experts — elite athletes, throughout the sports world — who understand that the core is both the anatomical and functional center of the body. Developed by celebrated physiotherapist Dr. Rick Celebrini, CoreVYO has been critical to the success of many well-known athletes, including two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash. He credits it and Celebrini with extending his basketball career by a decade.


WearBands® is a wearable resistance band training system that allows you to train any movement at any speed anywhere, while under full-time, no-impact resistance. It can be used on the court or in the gym to improve speed, agility, vertical leap, strength and functional endurance, and because it’s a hands-free system, can be used simultaneously with ball handling drills. Get the most out of every workout…Wear Your Bands™!