Why Join the Nation?

Our Nation of coaches is a close circle of coaches and trainers that collaborate together in order to increase their personal capacity, grow their business and ultimately impact others on and off the court through the game of basketball. Ganon Baker is recognized as a leader in the Skill Development business across the Globe. He has been to over 50 countries and has recently started Ganon Baker Basketball Asia. By joining the Nation you are instantly benefiting from the power of association with the most respected name in the Skill Development World wide. This is your chance to be a part of the most significant and sought after group of trainers. Come learn from the #1 Skill Development trainer in the world, partner with top people in basketball, and shave years off developing yourself and your business by associating with Ganon Baker Basketball brand. Allow it to open doors for you. Take advantage of 20+ years of proven skill training curriculum for ALL levels created by Ganon Baker for YOU.

What you get INSTANTLY

  • Access to the FULL Brand new curriculum for 60% OFF
  • Discounts for all the coaching certifications
  • Become a Ganon Baker Master Trainer faster
  • Get promoted by our team Nationally and Internationally
  • Access to all our affiliate brands at a Ganon Baker special discount
  • Ability to incorporate the affiliate brands in your program
  • Direct communication with Ganon and his team

PLUS Everything From The Business Mentorship Program

Monthly Live Webinar with Ganon Baker, his Business Development Team and GI Marketing

Boost your own Basketball Skills Training business by taking part in Ganon Baker's monthly Live Webinars. You will take your business to the next level with continual knowledge in a wide range of areas.


As a part of the Ganon Baker Mentorship Program you will also receive:

  • Affiliate Link to sell Ganon's Online Training App *30% PAYOUT
  • Access to Ganon's Brand New Basketball Curriculum at 60% OFF!
  • Basketball Knowledge Takeaways
  • Business Knowledge Takeaways
  • 7 Must Haves When Marketing Your Training Business

The Nation Works with Players and Teams in


Mentorship Program
$ 109 Monthly


Mentorship Program
$ 1,100 Yearly
best deal!

Some of our Nation Members

Chris Hyppa Basketball

Cody Toppert Basketball

Shootin' School Basketball

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