Ganon Baker Basketball Virtual Training

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Bench-warmers will become starters … Starters will become all-stars … and all-stars will catch the eye of college coaches looking for new recruits.

Specifically created for players who want to be their team’s next star, catch the eye of their team coach and get the attention of college (and even NBA scouts) looking to recruit new talent.

No equipment. No gym. No leaving your home.

Each day a player trains smart and another doesn’t, they move 3 to 4 days ahead.

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60 Minute Virtual Training For Grade 6 to 9 For Just $19

Suitable for beginner and intermediate players aged 11 to 15.


60 Minute Virtual Training For Grade 10 and College For Just $19

Suitable for upper intermediate and advanced players aged 16 and up. DATE AND TIME

Want more than just a single group session? Zoom currently limits the number of attendees to 100 per session. Click the box below to secure your spot for 8 sessions for a total of $125. (You’re saving 22%). Note – If you upgrade to individual training (just you and me), any group sessions you’ve paid for will be deducted.