Attention: Players who miss the game, but still want to be the best

How To Take Your Game To The Next Level With A Live Home Workout Routine Proven To Turn Subs Into Starters, Starters All-Stars and All-Stars the Star Players

Catch The Eye Of Your Team Coach And Get The Attention Of College Coaches Looking To Recruit New Talent

Without Equipment, A Gym Or Even Having To Leave Your home

If you’re a player who doesn’t want to lose your spot on your team OR you are a player who wants to be the next star, then I urge you to read this important announcement showing you how you can “own the pandemic.”

Age-Specific Instruction:

Choose between a 60-minute session for either Grade 6-9 OR Grade 10 thru College when you click through to the order page.

Can’t attend live? No problem!

Whether you attend the live Zoom session or not, you’ll receive all downloadable MP4 videos files and a PDF summary – yours to keep forever.

To: Ballers everywhere during Covid-19

From: Ganon Baker, former player and skills training pioneer and innovator for 25+ years, reaching over 10,000 coaches and players per year, ranging from kids to Division I players to numerous NBA superstars, both current and past.

Dear Basketball Players, Coaches and Parents,

Players of all ages and levels including the NCAA (and even NBA believe it or not) wrongly assume that just because “basketball isn’t happening now” they can relax, take it easy and wait it out.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

On so many levels.


Because one day in the not-so-distant future… Some player nobody has ever heard of suddenly and unexpectedly lands a scholarship.

Reality Check: Old “stars” fade away…

… and New Stars rise up and shine in this new era of basketball.

But it’s of their own making. It doesn’t happen by itself.


(And What You Should Be Doing Instead)

No games, no competitions and no idea when you’ll play next or even train again is tough.

We’ve never gone through anything like this before, and we don’t know when it’s going to end.

But I know this for certain…

This will end.

When it does, some players are going to look back full of regret after realizing they’ve blown their chance.

I’m predicting that some studs and all-stars will look ordinary. They’ll lose their “go-to” status. They’ll stop hearing shrieks of amazement from the crowd.

Starters? Some will lose their spots. Count on it.

Many bench players will lose interest and drop out altogether.

It’s grim, but it’s the truth.

I’ve been watching what’s been going on and have noticed THREE game-crushing mistakes almost every single player is making…

And it’s my responsibility to you and the game to tell you so you can avoid making these career-ending mistakes…

…and what you need to do instead to take your game to the next level whether you’re on the bench, a sub, a starter, all-star or the best player on your team…

So that YOU ride out this pandemic and come out a WINNER….

So that YOU take the spot as the BEST PLAYER on your team…

So that YOU get the cheers from the crowd and the nods of approval from recruiters hiding in the bleachers…

…It’s as simple as an eleven-letter word that I’m going to reveal in a minute.

But first …

Honesty Time:
Are You ‘Riding It Out’ Like Everyone Else And Doing Nothing?
...OR are You Using The Situation To Your Advantage?

If your answer is (a), I have good news …


Let me tell you a “Wow” story you may or may not have heard…

A short while ago, Elena Delle Donne of the Washington Mystics shared her heart-wrenching story about how she has to take 64 pills EVERY SINGLE DAY just to stay alive during the pandemic because she has a serious pre-existing chronic illness…

If she’s exposed to the virus, she could lose her life. Literally.

But the WNBA didn’t see it the same way and wouldn’t allow medical leave.

So Delle Donne is now forced into a decision nobody wants to make…

Risking her life by playing, or not getting paid.

(Fortunately, the Mystics stepped up and are doing the right thing by paying her salary.)

It’s a testimony to Delle Donne’s greatness that you probably never even knew she had Lyme Disease. True warrior. RESPECT.

How This Matters to YOU...

I want you to think about something for a second …

If the WNBA didn’t care about Elena’s life-threatening situation…

How can YOU expect anything different when the games are back on?

Because, the harsh truth is NOBODY CARES…

…Nobody cares whether you train or not.

…Nobody cares If you get better, stay the same or lose all your skills.

…Nobody cares if you lose your spot on the team, throwing away any chance you ever had at becoming your team’s star, or landing a scholly and getting drafted.

You’re just another dude fighting for THEIR spot.

When the games are back (and they ARE coming back, bet on it), there are going to be winners … and there will be losers.

The losers will be the ones who waited it out and spent their time playing videos or scrolling through their Instagram feed.

Which leads to…

FACT: Tomorrow’s Winners AREN’T On Social Media All Day

Look, social media trainers who prance around with useless footwork drills like ballet dancers are simply not going to help you very much.

And neither are those guys who require 32 takes before finally making a shot while filming themselves, lol …

Man throwing basketball behind him

To be fair, I HAVE seen some decent trainers on social media and you can learn a lot from watching their videos.

But it’s risky because…

… you probably don’t have the foundations to pull it off, which means you’re not learning the right technique, and you’re bound to develop some bad habits that will come back to haunt you.

The cool-looking “trick” you just copied might look good on film, but you’re not actually getting that much better.

And your coach will know.

Here’s something else your coach will notice…

Learning basketball from the Gram puts you at a huge disadvantage.

How? Let me explain…

I’ve coached players and worked with JV, high school, College and NBA coaches for decades, and do you know what the one thing they all HATE is?


Every good coach in High School, NCAA and NBA want teams that “talk and touch.”

Even the GOAT Michael Jordan — the guy you ALWAYS wanted to have the ball in his hands when it mattered most — HE still played together WITH his teammates.

michael jordan and scottie pippen of the Chicago Bulls

Your coach (and any college coach watching) will know in an instant if you learned all your moves from social media.

And without ever knowing, you’ve just blown your chance at becoming a star.

Instead, it’s much better to adopt a Virtual Training approach with a competent and credible coach.

I’m talking about a training environment where you actually interact with the trainer and can see other players alongside you.

Tomorrow’s Winners Use Virtual Training, And They Use It To Learn MORE Than Just Ball Handling
Here’s How They Do It ...

Every Zoom call I’ve seen focuses on just ball handling skills, and sometimes body and weight balance.

That’s about it. Okay, you’ll dribble better, but not much else.

You might end up putting hours into practice moves…

…and still feel the sting of disappointment when you get back your first stat sheet after realizing your hard work didn’t pay off.

You’ll feel like you wasted your time.

You might even lose your love for the game.

Fortunately, the answer here is easy.

You’ve got to find the right virtual training for you that gives you motivation, a FULL workout and a solid training plan showing you exactly…

How To Take Advantage Of Today’s Uncertainty, And Use The Situation For The Opportunity It Really Is…

Let me introduce you to two ballers who “get it” and aren’t leaving their success to chance …

Meet Creighton – A High School student taking his ‘gap year’ to come and train with me for TEN MONTHS.

He’s travelled from Ohio to my home in Florida to tap into my 30 years in the game as a player, coach and working with 1000s of players including Kobe, LeBron and Kevin Durant.

Creighton craves the same training I regularly give the top 80 young players in the US for Nike Basketball

He’s following in the footsteps of 6-time NBA All Star Amar’e Stoudemire who invested his time and money to train with me in Florida.

Creighton’s parents faced a tough decision:

Do they sit and wait this out like everyone else, and hope their future star doesn’t blow his chance…

Or do something to give their son the best possible chance at living up to his full potential?

The NCAA coaches I’ve spoken with are all saying that bringing Creighton to train with me for ten months was a “genius move.”

I’m humbled by the praise, to be honest, and it’s true that he has the potential to be a superstar.

Listen, I realize not many have the resources to come train with me personally…

I’m only pointing all this out to give you one of the keys to Creighton’s expected success…

This is something I hinted at earlier…

He’s travelled from Ohio to my home in Florida to tap into my 30 years in the game as a player, coach and working with 1000s of players including Kobe, LeBron and Kevin Durant. Creighton craves the same training I regularly give the top 80 young players in the US for Nike Basketball He’s following in the footsteps of 6-time NBA All Star Amar’e Stoudemire who invested his time and money to train with me in Florida.
The Eleven-Letter Word That Gives Any Player A POWERFUL Edge … Turning You Into An Unstoppable Winner The Moment Games Come Back

I want to quickly tell you about another player who is currently training with me personally.

Meet Trey Freeman – a former NBA draft pick who has spent time in Europe, and desperate to reach his peak performance to get back in the league.

Trey is staying at my home with Creighton.

In just 20 days he saw MAJOR changes in his shot.

Why? Because he has been training with consistency.

And THAT is the 11-letter word that takes every single player to the next level:y


Sure, you’ve heard this before. But this is way more powerful than you think…

Having consistency means you get better each day and reach your full potential faster than ever.

You’ll shine above everyone else who hasn’t been training because everyone will see your HUGE improvements.

Now like I just said, obviously it’s impossible to have every passionate player come all the way to Florida to train with me in-house.

(I currently do have one more spot available, but it’s a BIG commitment both financially and in workload)

Which is why I’ve decided to create a Virtual Training Program — It’s the next best thing to having me next to you in person.

You’ll have ME in your corner, a coach who for three decades has trained everyone from 6-year-old kids to NBA superstars — and all levels in between — pushing you, making you consistent and turning you into a winner.

My 'Own The Pandemic' Virtual Training Program

Take Your Game To The Next Level, Become Your Team’s New Star And Boost Your Shot At Recruitment
(With Just A Few Hours A Week)

Just like Jerramy King who says I changed his life in just 2 months. He went from 2 minutes per game to 40 minutes per game…

Text conversation between Jerramy King and Ganon Baker
Text conversation between Jerramy King and Ganon Baker
Text conversation between Jerramy King and Ganon Baker

I’ve specifically designed a Virtual Training program containing several unusual, even “weird”, yet highly effective techniques to make training FUN and exciting so that you actually WANT to train every day.

I know everyone misses the competition, and the frustration of not knowing when you can compete again has been rough on everyone. Because of this, I’ve designed my Virtual Training so that you’ll be competing one-on-one with me. I’ll give you more details in a moment.

Plus, the biggest challenge players face right now is motivating themselves to stay consistent. Whenever you join a session, I’m going to personally hold you accountable.

I’m taking away every excuse and reason that’s ever stopped you from reaching your potential and becoming your team’s star player.

So you stand out like day and night against your clumsy and rusty teammates when the games are back on.

So you get all the attention and admiration from your coach.

So you catch the eye of any college coach or even an NBA scout looking for new talent.

Finally, It’s Your Turn To Have The Glory

You can — and should — OWN this situation we’re all in right now – Just like Creighton and Trey – and rise up.

All it takes is just one hour on a Zoom call with me, and five hours training each week.

Picture for just a moment the expression on your coach and teammate’s faces when they see YOUR stat sheet compared to theirs after the first game back …

That swoosh after swoosh as your wet jumpers just RAIN down … ripping through the net … rarely even touching the rim as you hear the sweetest words any player can hear from his exasperated opponents: “Who’s GOT THAT GUY??!!”

Imagine the sense of admiration you’ll feel radiating from everyone watching YOU.

That sweet feeling of accomplishment when EVERYONE on your team wants to pass YOU the rock because you’re now “THE MAN,” and the crowd chants your name when someone else has the ball.

All because you put in a little time each week and consistently trained using a few ultra-simple and FUN drills while everyone else goofed off and waited it out.

By using my system …

Bench-warmers will become starters ... Starters will become all-stars … and all-stars will catch the eye of college coaches looking for new recruits.

My Virtual Training isn’t just a Zoom call like what everyone else is doing.

(If you know anything about me, I rarely do what others are doing. And if I’m doing the same thing others are doing it’s because I was doing it first, just sayin’ 🙂

Here’s what you’ll discover in this one-of-a-kind training:

  • The TRUTH about COVID and basketball… What you think you see and what’s really happening are NOT the same. Sadly, for the game, I’m seeing 99% of players make this big mistake. Fortunately for you, knowing the truth gives you a powerful edge in your quest to becoming a star.
  • One special technique that will allow you to move up to two years or more ahead of everyone else on your team. Sounds crazy, but if you’ve got just five hours a week and are willing to put in the effort, I’ll get you there. Imagine … you’ll be the same age, but everyone will be wondering how you’re now playing at such a higher level as if you fast-forwarded your development … all during a pandemic! “How did he get so good?!” they’ll wonder. No time machine needed. All you need is a few hours a week.
  • The quickest, easiest way to get into mid-season fitness — and stay there — even when you’re not playing any games.
  • The biggest mistakes players make on social media. Doing any of these for just 30 seconds — maybe even 10 seconds — practically nullifies your day’s training. Instead, join the top 0.001% of players who are using social media the RIGHT way … and are creating the RIGHT kind of attention.
  • Want to play one-on-one with me over Zoom? Impossible you say? I’ve found a way to do it! Wait until you see how I’ve created a special way to bring real competition to the virtual training format … And if you beat me, you’ll get a prize.
  • Simplify your training plan. Know exactly what to do, at what time. every day. All you need is a ball, this mysterious household item and the workout sheet I’ll give you. You’ll get everything by joining the group session today. Best part – you’ll be super-motivated again, because you’re actually competing.
  • The simple thing you can do every day to make sure you have the best stat sheet of your entire season.
  • Are you a non-starter who sits on the bench? Discover what you should do in every single practice to get even more attention and recognition than the team’s stud! I’ll be doing this throughout all my group sessions, and give you a chance to do it yourself!
Here’s What You’re Get When You Book Your Spot Today

1. Live 60-Minute Group Call on Zoom (All Ages Covered and Lifetime Access to All Recordings, Videos and PDF Materials)

You’ll practice 2-3 new drills in your session, get words of inspiration and a chance to compete against me (for a prize) so you can take your game to the next level.

During this call, I will focus on developing you into the complete player who has the physical, mental and emotional mindset of a winner to put you on the path to reaching your full potential.

Here’s how this works and why I insisted on doing it this way …

When you enroll in this special Zoom event, you’ll get a downloadable MP4 video file of the live session so you can rewatch the training again.

Why? Because repetition is the mother of success, and I understand you might not have anyone coaching you right now. That’s why it is crucial that you have the ability to refer back to the step-by-step demonstrations in the live session to make sure you stay on track.

2. Selected Videos From My Acclaimed Full Curriculum

You’ll also receive videos hand-selected from my $660 Full Curriculum. These contain critical drills that you can watch on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Each video is about 1 to 2 minutes and to the point! Watch these awesome drills on your phone, then go out and practice them!

3. Enhanced PDF Summary of Everything

Plus, you’ll get an Enhanced PDF Summary of the session. Print it out so you can always refer back to the notes without having to watch every minute of the video again. This is huge.

You’ll receive your videos and PDF summary around 24 hours after the session – I’ll get it to you as soon as possible, but it takes time to get everything ready.

4. Complete Player Workout Routine

The workout routine you get during this even covers ALL the skills you need to develop, not just ball-handling. And make no mistake: You’ll be able to do these drills even if you’re under quarantine. Look, every other virtual training session focuses just on your handle. And that’s fine, taking care of the rock is important, but why not get EVERYTHING? This is a complete workout session to truly take your game to the next level. All it takes is one hour a day, five days a week to move light years ahead of everyone else.

But Wait I'm Not Done Yet!

By Joining The Group Session Today, You’ll Also Get Instant Access To…

Bonus #1: The No-Coach Approach To Developing A ‘Mamba Mentality’

If you want to be the best, you need to hold yourself accountable and commit to work. But without games or even a coach to guide you, this is TOUGH. So I’m also giving you four printable tools so you’re always motivated and eager to work hard consistently.

Performance Enhancer #1. How to Find Your ‘Why’ (Printable PDF)

This tool is crucial for self-motivation. Why? Because truly understanding why you want to play is the most powerful motivational tool available! Knowing your “Why” pushes you to work on the day you don’t want to do anything.

Performance Enhancer #2. Identify Your Strengths – No Coach Needed! (Printable PDF)

Let me tell you something I know from teaching tens of thousands of players all over the world over the last 30 years, including D1 college players and elite NBA studs: Most school-aged players don’t know their strengths and weaknesses — not really. Or if they do, they haven’t given them the thought they truly deserve. When you spend just a few minutes on this, you’ll be able to give yourself an advantage and can turn yourself into the best player faster than you ever thought possible.

Performance Enhancer #3. How to Set Challenging Goals You Keep Smashing (Printable PDF)

This tool lets you set your own workout goals so you keep strengthening your strengths and owning your weaknesses (until they’re not weaknesses anymore … imagine THAT). Truth: Setting goals isn’t as easy as it sounds, and many athletes, parents and coaches get this wrong.
I’ll show you how to set short, medium and long-term goals that are both challenging and achievable. When you smash your goals, you become more confident. Self-confidence is the key to consistent motivation.

Performance Enhancer #4. A Training Plan That Works For YOU (Printable PDF)

This printable training plan is customizable so you can maximize your strengths and solve your weaknesses. Fill it in and put it in a place you’ll see every day. Hold yourself accountable and feel motivated to keep training even when you’re not sure when the next game will be played. (That day IS coming, trust me. Be ready, or be left behind)

Bonus #2: Lifetime Access To The GBB UpSport App

This brand-new app is a game-changer! Simply create an account, upload your own video, and then your coach (or myself if you want) will break it down giving you direct feedback on your drill. You can use the app anywhere, anytime and it’s fast and easy to get instant feedback. All you need a connection! The app allows your coach to draw on the screen and mark out the precise breakdown visually, which gets stored on the app so you can watch again and again. You’ll watch your progress week-by-week and never have to worry about making the same mistake twice.

Bonus #3 SPECIAL REPORT: What High School, College and NBA Coaches Look For In A Player

We asked 11 of the top coaches in the game what they look for when recruiting for High School, NCAA and Pro Level players.

The results were revealing, to say the least.

And HUGELY instructive.

In fact, I found these findings so critical that I decided to create this special report to give Tomorrow’s Winners the best chance possible.

When you know what coaches really look for in a player, you can train smart so you do all the right things and avoid the all-to-common mistakes which often cost talented players their scholarship.

So let’s recap everything you’re getting here …

  • The 60-minute Zoom call with age-specific focus, specialized drills and the ability to compete with me directly
  • The videos hand-selected from my $660 Full Curriculum
  • The enhanced PDF summaries of everything
  • The Complete Player Workout Routine
  • The 4 printable Performance Enhancers
  • Lifetime access to the ground-breaking GBB UpSport App
  • The special report on what top coaches look for in new recruits

WHEW! That’s a LOT.

Look, I wanted to make this affordable for everyone so I’m letting you get in for just $19.

Once you click to the order page, you’ll have the choice between attending a 60-minute live session for either Grade 6-9 OR Grade 10 & College.

Only $19!

There’s Absolutely Zero Risk For You

My guarantee is simple here:

If you go through my material, put in the work, and you still don’t feel like it was worth what you paid, then just hit reply to the registration email you’ll receive after ordering, and we will refund your investment immediately, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

All I ask is you attach a photo of your completed worksheets. I do it that way to hold you accountable … just like I hold myself accountable and all my players, too.

I think that’s more than fair.

Want More Than A Group Session?

I want to be 100% transparent and give everyone an equal opportunity to get in on what they want.

In addition to the group sessions, you have three options available…

Group Sessions For Your Team

We still have a few spots available at $250 per session. I train your entire team using Zoom. Each workout is 100% flexible and customizable to complement your program. You’ll first speak to Mihai to discuss what you want out of your team session, then create a session to meet your goals.

1 on 1 Sessions

At the end of the workout, you’ll have the opportunity to train with me 1 on 1. We have 10 spots available for one month ($500), 3 months ($1300) and one year ($5000) where you’ll get weekly calls and personal training from me. Just like high school player Creighton and NBA player Trey, but without coming to Florida.

I’ve received a lot of interest after asking players and coaches what they think of the idea and so I’m expecting these spots to fill up fast when they’re officially open. I want to give everyone who wants to get in a chance to do so now without going through the group session first.

Come Train With Me In Florida

I still have one spot available where you can come and train in-house with me in Florida. You’ll live with me and we’ll train every single day. I provide everything you’ll need, you train and become the version of yourself.

I’m Interested… How Can I Get More Information?

If you’re at all interested or want to know more details about any of the alternatives, drop Mihai an email at [email protected] I know for a fact Mihai LOVES talking to coaches, parents and players, and he’ll be more than happy to jump on a call with you for a no-pressure chat.

Keep Getting After It


P.S. Are you skeptical about anything I’m saying? Here, do this …

Go message your teammates, and ask them what their training has been like for the last few months…

(Just like the rumors of two NBA stars who admitted they hadn’t touched a ball in four months during the lockdown)

…I can practically guarantee NO ONE will come back saying they’ve been grinding hard.

So if your teammates aren’t getting after it…

YOU have a powerful edge.

But only if YOU get after it … starting NOW!

All you have to do is secure your spot today, because I’m going to show you how just one hour of your time puts you up to 4 days ahead of your teammates.

The more work you put in, the further you move apart.

Let’s say the games are off for another ten weeks.

When you put just five hours a week using my tested drills for ten weeks, you get 50 hours of solid training.

You do the math on just how far this puts you ahead of everyone else.

Each day you train smart and another player doesn’t, you move 3 to 4 days ahead.

You can for just $19.