Workout on Your Own!

Players & Skills Trainers: We need to WORKOUT!

As I travel all over the USA and the Globe I see numerous players ages 10-22 of all different talents. The internet & social media is also full of videos of these players playing and working out. One of the BIGGEST values these players need to acquire to reach their basketball dreams (which for most is to play D1 NCAA basketball and Professional basketball) is TOUGHNESS.

The toughness to take the initiative to FIGURE it out! Coaches & Skill Trainers, listen to my thoughts, drop a comment and use my words to help your players in their basketball and life journey!

Listen in to my thoughts on what it takes to be TOUGH, mentally and physically. 

1) You have to create your own energy

2) To workout in an empty silent gym by yourself is HARD. But, this will make YOU tougher and you will develop the ability to solve problems, TRUST ME!

3) You don’t need a workout Guru or Skill Trainer. Find the answers using your own research. Practice by yourself to develop solutions.

4) If you think you need a workout Coach try Coach “Self Discipline,” “Coach Self Responsible,”  “Coach Resilience,” or Coach Accountable”

5) Where are the GYM RATS? Become one and you gain a tremendous edge and advantage over your competition

6) Coaches in this game and Boss’ in life are CRAVING for people to be leaders and take initiative for solving problems and success

Now it’s time for me to get on Coaches & Skill Trainers: Take everything I just said and if you do this for a living, then apply it to your life! YOU are held to a higher standard if this is your PROFESSION. It’s called a PROFESSION for a reason. It’s not called an Amateurism. I get disappointed in the industry of Skill Training that I helped start because there is so much mediocrity and ignorance with Coaches that are trying to do this. They get a “false sense of success” because they do have clients, they are making money, and they think they are amazing. That’s the sad part. They could be SO much better and in return the clients would get a better experience and have more success. WORKOUT! Puts some pressure on your self to be excellent in all you do and only then, WILL YOUR POTENTIAL BE PUSHED OUT!

If players worked out hard and consistently on their own, we would have tougher players.

If Skill Coaches worked out more on their physical presence and their mental preparation, our industry would get a lot more respect and have more of an impact!

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