Why Players, Parents And Coaches Often Get Frustrated With Each

Why Players, Parents And Coaches Often Get Frustrated With Each, And What To Do Instead

Ever experienced something like this?

Coach tells their players they have to put in the work to get better.

Player goes away and puts in the work.

Coach tells them they aren’t seeing improvements.

Player gets frustrated…

Sound familiar?

This happens in gyms around the world all the time. Sometimes it causes a disconnect between the coach and player.

Sometimes it causes distrust between the coach and parents.

But fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this common problem.

The root of this problem is a lack of clarity on exactly what “work” is…

The solution starts with the coach clearly defining their meaning of “putting in the work”.

Coaches, spend some time to clearly define what putting in the work means to you.  

(This is also a great tool for parents trying to motivate their players to train harder too)


How much time do you expect players to train at home each week?

What should players be doing during training?

What isn’t classified as “work” in your definition.

And so on.

I can’t tell you what to say because everyone has a different definition.

Here’s how to deploy this strategy as a coach or parent with any player

Use the first few minutes of a workout to define what you mean by “putting in the work”

Make it clear throughout the workout what they need to do.

Model and demonstrate how to have an Efficiently Effective training session including what to do and what not to do.

Remind players at the end of the session what you expect them to do next.

Be clear on exactly how much time, repetitions and work they need to do.

In my opinion…

When a disconnect like this happens between players and coaches, it’s the coach’s responsibility to add clarity by focusing on how they communicate.

If you’re a parent and your son / daughter’s coach isn’t clear on what “putting in the work” is, speak to them nicely, politely and ask for clarity.

It takes time and patience.

But when everyone’s on the same page, this simple solution prevents issues like this from ever arising.

Keep Getting After It


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