One Worrying Trend in Basketball You Should Be Aware Of…

one worrying trend in basketball

I’ve noticed one worrying trend in basketball after being involved in the game for almost 30 years as both a player and coach.

This applies to players and coaches at all ages and levels as well as player development coaches who run their own business.

(With the exception of coaches and players at the highest levels).

Here’s the worrying trend:

The world is full of information.

Coaches and players are constantly bombarded with information every day.

Not just in basketball.

But in all areas of their lives too.

Making this worrying trend 10 times worse.

For example:

Elementary / high school coaches searching for new drills on YouTube, but struggle understanding how they fit into their program. Or asking questions inside groups and getting two opposite answers from two different people.


Players who are serious about trying to get a college scholarship that aren’t sure who to listen to and take inspiration from.

The reality is… All this information is overwhelming, confusing and contradicting

Many coaches simply don’t know what information is right for them and their unique situation.

This is a major problem…

And I know from experience, it makes your life and your players lives more difficult than it needs to be.

The key isn’t what information you have… It’s what you do with it in the real world.

What I’ve noticed as the “teacher” to thousands of players and coaches is the vast majority of people simply do nothing with the information they get.

And that’s what I feel is the biggest reason they aren’t reaching their full potential.

It really breaks my heart…

Seeing the people who really want to become great…

But spend all their time researching and collecting information without implementing it.

Last year my team spoke to someone who desperately wanted to grow his player development business.

The Residency Program, he admitted, was perfect to help him achieve his goals.

But instead of committed, he went to Amazon and ordered 25 books on growing a business – the last I heard – life got in the way and he never even read a single page.

Flash forward to now and he’s still in exactly the same situation as he was BEFORE looking for the next “solution”.

Compare this to other 1 on 1 clients who want to grow their player development business.

They invest in the Residency Program, get all the tools they need and go implement the strategies.

Within a few months, they’ve made back their initial investment because they’ve grown their business.

This same scenario plays out time and time again on a more subtle level, and it happens to all of us.

It’s down to our biology and human nature.

Our brain experiences the action of collecting information or buying information as actually achieving the result.

This means we feel the “accomplishment” of getting the result just by collecting the information.

Which is a major reason why most people struggle with implementation.

We’ve been told by our 1 on 1 clients that implementation is the biggest challenge they face.

And it’s why we spend so much time creating a personalized strategy for everyone we work with so you have a clear, step-by-step plan of action to get the result you want.

More info on the page below:

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