The Grind – March 2018

We are sure you have noticed that we have been hard at work over the past several months and we trust that you have all done the same in your life, school, work place and of course on the basketball court.

Some of the highlights of our last few months are:

The Inauguration of Ganon Baker Basketball Asia

Ganon Baker is proud to announce that we have opened our Ganon Baker Basketball Asia office. We have partnered with Stronger Me

a basketball education company based in Beijing, China. Together we have committed to educate coaches, trainers and players in the emerging Chinese basketball market. The article below details the start of our project at Peking University High School backed by the Chinese Board of Education. The video below gives you an inside look to the Ganon Baker Basic Level I Certification Course during which we certified nearly 100 Chinese coaches in two (2) weeks.

This article, loosely translated from a Chinese website, highlights some of our experiences in China. Changing the world through basketball

Free Workout of the Month

Steve Nash - Shift and Go

This month’s FREE drill comes from the SWAG series Ganon filmed with The Professor (@globalhooper) as it goes hand in hand with Ganon’s Wisdom lesson of the month.

Current Online Products

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Ganon Wisdom - What I learned from Steve Nash

I want to talk about Steve Nash. I have always been intrigued by him when he played and I made a point to study his career. I have learnt so much about success from him just by observing and studying him. Nelson Mandela has always said, “Seek Wisdom of those that have come before you”.

If you are a point guard, a player or you just want to be successful in whatever you do in life read my notes, by hitting the button below, on Steve Nash.


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Online Training

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Training Options

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