The Biggest Poison In Basketball: Shiny Object Syndrome

The Biggest Poison In Basketball: Shiny Object Syndrome. 

I’m sure you probably know what it is or have heard of it.

Basically, it’s changing the way you do things based on the latest trend.


You never get enough meaningful reps for it to engrain in muscle memory and become an automatic skill.

It’s common across not just basketball, but across all sports and business.

Here’s an example:

Coach A spends his time on Instagram looking for trendy new moves.

He tries the move with his team only to find it doesn’t work.

He blames his players for “not getting it” and moves onto the next trendy thing.

We all know coaches (and players) like that.

But it’s not always so obvious.

Problem is, a lot of coaches and players don’t even realize they’re hoping from one thing to the next.

Another example:

Coach B knows he needs to teach the fundamentals. He knows proven basketball principles are the key to a successful program in the long term.

At first his players respond well.

But then they hit a slump. Or start complaining the workouts are boring. Or they want to work more on shooting.

Whatever the reason, the players no longer respond with the same level of enthusiasm and passion.

Leading Coach B to the logical (but incorrect) conclusion that this approach doesn’t work.

So he goes and tries to find something else to try.

Why does this happen?

It’s down to human nature.

We keep doing things that work and stop doing things that don’t work.

Even if we know that continuing to do so will eventually give us the results we want.

We feel pressured by external factors.

We feel pressure from internal insecurities.

Not only that, but we see other people doing it differently.

Or we buy into the “fantasy” of success people show on social media.

When you feel like everything is going against what you’re doing…  

Even the strongest minded and most disciplined of us can give in

This is the difference between success and failure

If you want to be successful, you have to keep pushing even when things get tough.

Don’t do it IF it works. Do it until it works.

There’s a concept called the Valley of Despair which explains all this – If you want to know more, go search for it on Google or YouTube.

But how do you know if you’re doing the right things OR if you’re pushing when you should change?

Hard question with a simple answer.

You become a master in the things that are proven to work time and time again.

So you can apply them in any situation.

It’s why I always teach basketball fundamentals and principles.

Because the concepts behind them always work.

And when you build your program and philosophy based on what you know works, you have the confidence to push through even when it feels like everything is against you.

Because you know in your bones that what you’re doing is right.

Then you push through and keep at it until it works.

And one day everything falls into place.

All your players get it, they’re performing more consistently and everyone buys in.

That’s the key to success, in my opinion.

Keep Getting After It


P.S. Want me to help you become a successful basketball coach who transforms your players into elite stars? If so, I’d like to invite you to a book a call with Mihai to see how we can help you:


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