What I Learned From Steve Nash

I want to talk about Steve Nash. I have always been intrigued by him when he played and I made a point to study his career. I have learnt so much about success from him just by observing and studying him. Nelson Mandela has always said, “Seek Wisdom of those that have come before you”.

If you are a point guard, a player or you just want to be successful in whatever you do in life read my notes below on Steve Nash.

He never allowed the critics to crumble him

What an incredible inspiration. HE STAYED THE COURSE WITH FOCUS AND PRECISION. Came from a Hockey Country. Nobody in his province of British Columbia played basketball. He was 6’1″ and a step slow for elite level basketball. He only had one scholarship offer. He was booed by the Mavs when he was drafted. As he went through all this, he continued to believe in himself.

He had (and still does) a "Hunger Game” style work ethic

He worked on his fundamentals relentlessly. I personally experienced this during the late summer/ early fall of 2008/2009. I was hired by Amar’e Stoudemire to be his personal player development coach. While I was there I got extra workouts with other players on the Suns team at the time. I was in the Phoenix Suns gym a lot. At the other end of the gym was Steve Nash, often by himself. A grueling 50 minute workout was displayed every time. At the end his grey Suns shirt was “black with seat”. He did not stop running, finishing, sprinting with the ball, 2 ball drills, single ball handling, dribbling drills, pivots, one foot, two feet, passing against a toss back, using the wall, jump roping, ladder work with jumpers at the end. He didn’t just do the work out, he OWNED the workout. He was engaged, efficient. I’m saying the man had a PURPOSE, every single repetition.Nash was the most well conditioned guard I have ever seen live. He just never seemed to get fatigued.

He made great decisions with and without the Ball. He had to if he wanted to “Survive as An Undersized”. His antennas were always up. He was a constant listener and learner. This virtue is sporadic with today’s young players. He always gave the coach his attention. He owned the play book, always knowing solutions and answers to any problems and questions. He never took a possession off at practice. His time was NOW, his location was the MOMENT.  He watched film, studied his mistakes and his assets. He studied other great players in his league. He certainly was Intelligent. He craved education daily.

He Was a Great Teammate

He had incredible emotional intelligence. He was not a knuckle head, a hot head, or clown, although lately his sense of humour is shining through via various commercials. He did the right thing. His coaches could count on him, therefore authentically his teammates respected and listened to him. He was humble and always helped others. I believe as a coach one of the hardest things to do is to get the players to help each other in tough times. This was one of Steve’s greatest values. He was a servant. It’s hard to be a good player – it’s EVEN harder to be a consistently GREAT teammate. He was both. He led the entire basketball population in positive teammate touches and engagements, both in practice and games. Nobody engaged and acknowledged his teammates more than Steve Nash.

He had the fundamentally sound skills in order to dominate

Like it or not, a 6’1” Canadian was a TWO time NBA MVP. Oldest player to ever make an All -Star Team at 38, and one of the All Time best point guards. Why? Because of the above, and he was super skilled. He mastered the fundamentals. If you want to master something, put in the work. Nash looked at repetition as getting better not bored. He looked at another “Same day” as a new opportunity. He engaged the “similar” workout as sexy. He battled fatigue with fresh filling creativity and innovation. Nash proved that success is color blind and geographically free. Meaning it does not matter what color you are, or where you grew up, greatness is inside of you. It doesn’t matter what is “around you”, what matters is what is IN YOU. Steve Nash believed that and lived that.

Most recently my company has partnered with CoreVYO a company that is founded by Steve’s long time trainer and endorsed by Steve Nash. The product is GREAT and very well received by players that I used it with. You can order yours with a special Ganon Baker Discount by entering the code GBB15 to receive a 15% discount on your order.

Keep working and getting after it.

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