Share and Tell

It's Share & Tell, not Show & Tell

I have always been a “show me, leader,” but now I like to call it “share me, leader!”  I’ll share with you what I can do. I not only SHARE with you, but I also SHOW YOU and it’s at a very high level. I will then share with you how YOU can succeed too.

Early in my player development career and even now, some peers and people misinterpret my intent & they don’t understand my actions. They think I’m showing off, reliving my playing days or think the workout is all about showing what I know and can do. Let me break it down for you so future leaders/coaches can possibly add this to their toolbox. 


1) You don’t have to demonstrate to connect and reach players. You can still be a great coach and teacher, but when you do, it has to be impactful, dynamic, authentic and unique. It gets them engaged and you have their attention for more than 7 seconds. 

2) I show them my physical gifts, talents and ability so that I can not impress them, but IMPRESS UPON them, the values of hard work, faith, grit and passion. 

3) The best lesson, speech, sermon I can give my players is the one I’m LIVING. I bring my teaching points to LIFE! I tell you and I show you, that’s genuine. Players and young people are cravings for real adult role models. 

Ganon Baker demonstrating a dribble move to a gym full of kids. They are beginning to work on this ball handling move.
The Good ones explain, the GREAT ones explain and show

I believe Jesus Christ was the greatest teacher the World has ever seen or will see. He told you about miracles and he performed them. I use the example of his EXPLANATION AND DEMONSTRATION model. 

I try to show kids how they can take their mind and body to a place where they have never been. To a place of their greatest potential!  

My entire philosophy is to show you my strengths so we can connect and start the process to IMPROVE YOUR’S! 


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