Self Development

Self Development

As promised, here is the follow up blog about Self Development. If you haven’t read last week’s blog on IMPROVEMENT, read it first!

I am going to touch on two areas of self development that work for me: Physical & Mental development 


  • Part of being a GREAT basketball skills trainer is the ability to demonstrate what I am asking of the athlete. Check out my basketball curriculum, where I  demonstrate every drill. 
  • In order for me to demonstrate at a high level, I have to be in shape. I have become creative in finding ways to workout 4-5x/week. I might hire a babysitter for an hour to get some shots up, jump rope or work on my ball handling. I also might run with my 2 year old in a stroller, take my 2&5 year old to the gym and they guard me. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! Lately, my focus has been more on flexibility for my hips/glues and feet more than ever so I can avoid getting hurt. I get hurt, I can’t be my best, so PLAN ahead!


  1. EVERY DAY I work on this! I make time to review, recite, read & LEARN! I study, not want I already know, but what I have forgotten or need to learn! I have forgotten so many good concepts that I have to research again and re teach myself what I once knew! Basketball is ageless!
  2. In the car when I am by myself or on an airplane, it’s not movies or phone call gossip, water cooler talk or brown nosing. Rather, I’m tuned into podcasts, gaining knowledge, so I can be better. 
  • Your security needs to be in what you are learning.
    • Are you getting better?
    • Do you implement what you learn?
  • Now sure, I send face value texts, sure. Kind words, absolutely! My point is I wake up and I’m working, learning, trying to get better daily. My networking consists of asking somebody of influence A QUESTION, NOT A CONTACT. I ask significant people how I can help them, not how they can help me! I try to extract value from them and empower them so they can help other lives with their significance, NOT HOW THERE SIGNIFICANCE CAN MAKE ME SIGNIFICANT!
  • When I do hear or watch something impactful, I write it down in that MOMENT, so I can go back later & memorize it. Receive it, review it, make it part of my authentic DNA! One of my mentors, Kevin Eastman taught me that.
How I Improve:

WORDS: Write them down WHEN YOU HEAR THEM, on paper or in your phone. Learn them. Use them to have weight in your conversations. I have a dictionary app just to expand my vocabulary daily. I listen to songs and movies to see if there are lyrics or lines I can use in my coaching! Yep I do that!

KEEP PEN & PAPER HANDY AT ALL TIMES: When I’m on the road, I keep a pen and  paper by my bed. For some reason I’m always waking up during the night or early morning with IDEAS OR CONCEPTS. Maybe it’s because when I’m at work, I AM ALL IN or when I am at home with my family, I am all about my family.

– I don’t give my books away. I will buy you a book but I’m not giving you mine! I keep them because I write notes, highlight and I love to go back and reread them. I was never the sharpest student in school, I just knew how to STUDY!

Same philosophy with IMPROVEMENT. It’s important to have to plan & organize your information, then you have to go back and study it! To me, that’s true IMPROVEMENT! I just posted a video on IGTV about how reps determine your REPUTATION. Those are wise words from my friend Kevin Eastman.

To summarize, the first step to improvement is having a PLAN. What do you have to plan?

As always whatever you do in this great game and life KEEP GETTING AFTER IT!

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