Scouting Report

Scouting Report

I am often asked by coaches, parents or players to attend specific tournaments or games and watch an individual player or team and provide a scouting report at the end of it all. Below is an example of a recent scouting report I put together of a 6’1 high school player. His goal is to win a state championship and receive a D1 scholarship.

I have put my thoughts on paper of what I saw over the course of his tournament. I want to give him the specific tools and a practice formula for solution in order to achieve his goals.

Here it goes: 


I enjoyed watching you and your team play this weekend. I like the way your team plays. If your team can take your “nastiness and toughness on defense to another level you can have a lifetime remembering season! Please feel free to share these notes with your Coach if you want.

I have broke down my thoughts in 3 parts:


2)Things to Work on

3)Overall Thoughts


I believe in you and so does your family. The meaning behind this quote is that in order to really be great you have to be willing to change, get better, sacrifice and get your mindset in another place in order to achieve your goals and get to the next level. It’s never easy and you can never be content. You have the power because the choice is yours and you have greatness in you!

🏀Your shooting ability: 
You are a good 3pt and mid range shooter because you have put in the work. I like the way you can score and finish around the rim.

🏀Your Driving ability: You seem confident to get by any defender. You are long, strong, and quick enough to get two feet in the paint when there are driving lanes. You seem to rarely turn the ball over, you had one turnover in the two live games I saw and none in the two game films I watched. I don’t know why you don’t drive it more.

🏀GREAT passing vision and delivery of passes: I’m so impressed by your unselfishness and ability to find open guys. You play with your head up and you give guys the ball RIGHT in their scoring pockets. You could have more assists if your team would put the ball in the bucket.

🏀Positive Teammate: EVERY TIME someone does something good, you TOUCH THEM and acknowledge them. You are are an encouraging teammate. You stay engaged the entire game on and off the court when supporting your teammates. Man, this is rare and so many college coaches are craving to have a player that’s TEAM FIRST and has a TEAM EGO! There is nothing about you that is SELFISH OR EGOTISTICAL. This is a huge asset needed for many teams! YOU GOT IT!

🥊(boxing glove symbolizes to FIGHT to improve this, it’s the only way to turn weaknesses into STRENGTHS)

🥊You have to be a playmaker: this means be more aggressive at driving to the rim. Pushing the ball up the court on makes and misses. Go get the ball on the rebound and in the half court when your team is flat.  If you play make more you will also be at the free throw line more. Division 1 basketball won’t ever be a reality if you don’t do this. I told you this in August!

🥊 Look to drive more aggressively: On film and in the live games I saw you missed opportunities to drive. There are driving lanes open and you miss them.

🥊 Be more aggressive in your shot selection: You are a senior and a shooting guard and you look for others TOO much instead of creating your own shot more. Take shots in the flow of the offense and when there is a good shot open. This will open up more passes for your teammates as well! This can be easily solved by mentally just doing it in practice and the games. Watch film and you will see opportunities to drive and shoot when you have the ball. You are never more open than on the catch. Demand the ball!

🥊 Cuts must be harder: 
Many times you float and cut soft. Cut hard, hands high, calling for ball, cut to the rim! All your teammates can get better at this.

🥊 Defensive stance habits have to improve: 
Your stance is TOO HIGH. Your close outs are too high and too open.
– Transition Defense is bad. You make the wrong read and are out of position. This can be SOLVED just by getting lower and have arms out and having pride on defensive.

🥊 Defensive ball pressure is too weak: You are way to quick and strong not to “hawk” and dominate the ball handler. You play too far off. This can be solved in practice by getting into your man and also by playing one on one in practice or free time. Set a goal in practice and in games to get as many deflections as you can.

(🏅 Develop the mindset of a Champion)

🏅Get some clarity:
– What do you want for the short term? Now until the end of the season?
– What do you want for the long term? The next 5 years?
– What ever you choose to do, it impacts the first 10 years of your life after college. What does the first 10 years after college look like? Start talking about, writing about and thinking about these things.

🏅 Define and commit to your goal:
 – If it’s to win the District or the States then you have to LEAD the TEAM! You have to start getting your team to be the attacker and aggressor! Your team is too passive, not “fighters”, too soft to win a championship. It’s going to take your COMMUNICATION and LEADING  BY EXAMPLE TO CHANGE THIS. You have to hold yourself and your teammates accountable! They will listen to you. If you just want to go over 500 and be content, then keep doing what you are doing.

– You have the ability and the talent to play Division 3 all the way up to Division I college ball. You really do, BUT it’s starts TODAY with CHANGE.

I was up in your home town for 4 days, saw two games and saw two films . Not ONCE did you ask me for advice or ask me to workout. I question at this point in your life if you really want to sacrifice and dedicate ALL YOU GOT to this game and your basketball future. To play college ball man, you have to be HUNGRY and do whatever it takes to help your team win NOW!


🏅Trust your work: God knows how much time and effort you have put into your game. You love basketball. Whatever you are going through don’t let it interfere with your game! Trust your work man! The game is the easy part and the game is show and tell! Play like that and you can inspire a community. There is a mental block in your mind that is restricting you from fully unleashing the best version of yourself! Let it go, TRUST YOUR WORK AND HAVE FUN! PLAY FREE AND FLOW!

ALL IN is going all the way in high school and then doing whatever it takes to achieve your college basketball and professional goals! I’m here to help, but YOU have to OWN IT AND COMMIT TO IT NO MATTER WHAT!

If you are ALL IN you:
 – Become a pit bull in practice

– Pick up guys full court, foul them hard on easy layups. Hold them accountable for intensity. WIN EVERY THING, HATE LOSING. Get back to your backyard workouts, put in the extra work. Watch film. Bug the crap out of me for questions about your game film. Ask your dad how you did and what you need to work on.  Drive the mess out of the ball in transition and in half court. Get defensive defections. Talk to your teammates more, be a LEADER NOT JUST A CAPTAIN. Everything I wrote above take to HEART and implement them into your life. You have to have ACTION STEPS!

– Do a Post Grad year. Your game needs it and so does your body. This will give you a much better chance at playing and doing well in college.

– “IN ENOUGH” is what you are doing now. Sub par team, good but not great. You play hard, you play well and solid and do what your coach wants. Focus on being happy and fitting in, finish out the high school season and then see where your mind is at in May.

 – whether you play ball in college or not, this will help your holistic self. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually you will be much stronger, clearer and wiser if you took a year off and/or went to post grad.

Remember what I told you at breakfast.

“Find your Purpose. Own it! At first you will have to defend and fight for your purpose, but after a lot of work, your purpose will defend you! That’s when you inspire people and leave a legacy!”

I’m here for you.

Let me know what you decide? Know that I’m here for whatever you decide and your family is too!


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