Ray Allen Series Pt. 2

I recently spent 4 days with Hall of Fame Inductee Ray Allen. This is part of what I learned from the best shooter of all time:

Ray Allen's Pre-Game Routine
ray allen pre game shooting a basketball

Every time, same time home or road, all my shots all my moves, EVERYTHING.  He had a very strict routine and here it is.

245pm:  meal – baked chicken, rice and broccoli

330pm: leave for the gym

430pm: Workout HARD on court. 25 minutes shooting.

5pm: Stretch 

515pm: Shower

530pm: Uniform on 

545pm: Doc talk

Greatness HAS A ROUTINE . I was always aware of my teammates work ethic, routine , and how they prepared for the game. -I EXPECT CONSISTENCY FROM THEM.

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