I recently spent 4 days with Hall of Fame Inductee Ray Allen. This is part of what I learned from the best shooter of all time:

5 Pieces of Advice from Ray Allen

  1. The shots you take in the game  are the shots you should shoot in practice.
  2. 75/100 shots is what I shot and worked up to, until I breathe heavy and felt exhausted per workout. However, some may need more shots. 
  3. Breathe hard and go hard in your workout when taking shots.
  4. I loved when the coach subbed my defender out when he could not keep up with me.
  5. Don’t get bored with the Process. I have made that game winner shot over and over and over again!  The World just got to see it once.

Check out Ray’s Pre-Game Routine here

Ganon Baker
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