Strategy To Always Keep Players Passionate And Enthusiastic

Problems to keep your player passionate and enthusiastic?

Ever felt like it’s a struggle to come up with better drills?

If so, it’s likely your team isn’t getting any joy out of your workouts.


Because your workouts don’t systematically build on what they already know.

Which can slowly sap the enthusiasm from your players, and from you as their coach,

What’s the alternative?

When you watch college and pro games… You’ll probably see how the players and coaches effortlessly improvise their approach and tactics on the fly.

When things don’t go to plan – which they often don’t in the real world – they quickly adapt to their new situation.


They always have the edge.

They’re always one step ahead of their opposition.

Not only that, but they can change things up in a split second on the court, in training or in any situation.

You can become like this too if you become a master of improvising on the fly.

So how exactly do you learn to improvise like the pros?

Ever seen a coach who can walk into any gym and instantly gets a buy in? Even if they’ve never worked with those athletes before?

I’m humbled to have experienced this as a coach myself – Once with over 100 kids in China over two courts in one single session.

You can’t predict what’s going to happen.

You’ve got to be flexible.

Furthermore, you’ve got to adapt to what you see happening on the court

You’ve got to be comfortable with not knowing if it will work or not.

In my experience, the secret is simply down to this:

Fill your toolbox with as many proven drills, moves and principles as possible.


When you continuously fill your toolbox… You automatically start mixing elements from different drills and principles.

You’ll intuitively know which elements of a drill your unique players respond to best.

You’ll start creating your own drills based on what your unique players need to improve.

And you’ll pick up on the subtle signals in a game and automatically know what your players need.

Here’s why this is important:

When you can come up with new drills at a second’s notice, your workouts become unpredictable.

You have the power to instantly switch things up when you notice a drop in attention, energy and enthusiasm.

You can transform the session into something more fun, engaging and productive.

(The key word being productive)

When your workouts are fun, your athletes enjoy training.

When they enjoy training, they’re more enthusiastic about the game.

And when they’re more enthusiastic, they try harder for longer and this is where you start experiencing rapid improvements.

The Full Curriculum gives you all the tool so you can master the skills all greats coaches have

Here’s how:

I designed the Full Curriculum after about 17 years as a player development coach.

Specifically, it’s designed to contain the same 130+ developmentally correct basketball principles I’ve used throughout my career.

And it has over 1200 game-like drills so you can get meaningful reps in a variety of fun, engaging and productive ways on the court.

Everything is divided into 13 progressive levels starting with Basic Level 1 (for young kids) to Pro Level.

You simply find where your player or team fits into the 13-level scale and pull out developmentally correct and challenging workouts.

You’ll also get lifetime access The Complete Encyclopedia of Skills Training which is broken down into individual skills as a bonus)

More info on the page below:


Keep Getting After It


If you already have the Full Curriculum and want to see how the GBB Team can personally turn you into a coach who always has passionate, enthusiastic and hardworking players…

Or to turn your player into an athlete who performs more consistently on the court, wins more games and acts like a champion off the court.

Then go to the page below for a quick call with Mihai:

(We deduct the price you paid for the Full Curriculum from the group or private mentorship)


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