“Players Don’t Listen Or Train On Their Own So They’re Inconsistent”

“Players Don’t Listen Or Train On Their Own So They’re Inconsistent”

Sound familiar?

Your player or team doesn’t pay attention. They don’t listen. They’re inconsistent. 

It’s a common problem… Not just basketball and sport, but in life.

When you don’t pay attention, it’s impossible to keep improving as fast and efficiently as possible.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this…

The root of the problem is in the relationship you have with your player.

Which applies to coaches working with large teams or 1 on 1.

Which applies to parents who want their son / daughter to reach their full potential.

The solution is to build better relationships with your player(s) and team to build more trust and a stronger buy in.

Getting players listening to every word you say, and committing to the training process because they believe in you. 

Resulting in players getting more out of every training session and performing more consistently individually and as a team.

And having players show up every day ready and focused.

Whether they’re in the gym or training at home. 

Here’s how I build stronger relationships with any player I work with…

Every athlete is different. 

Every player-coach and player-parent relationship is different.

So it’s impossible for me to give you a “one size fits all” strategy.

Instead, I can give you ideas by explaining what I do…

My approach is to meet daily with the players so I can stay in their spirit. 

I take the time to speak with and get to know each and every player on the team.

And I actually care about their response. 

I want to know what’s happening in their lives to build rapport and so I’m aware of anything that might affect their performance. 

If I work with a team or a player 1 on 1 over a period of time, I like to meet weekly to review their progress and learn more about their lives.

I open up with players and become vulnerable so they open up and become vulnerable with me.

Which means I can hold them accountable. 

The key – in my opinion – is to treat each player like a real human and to take an interest in their lives and genuinely care. 

Keep Getting After It


In case you’re looking for resources after reading this email…

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  • Ryan B – From JV to NCAA D3 Starter and all conference 
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  • Creighton T – From 6th man in HS to Marshall University D1

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