“Players Aren’t Connected To Me Or Struggle To Buy In”

“Players Aren’t Connected To Me Or Struggle To Buy In”

After speaking with thousands of coaches at all levels throughout my 30+ years in basketball, one of the biggest challenges I hear is this…

Getting players to buy in, trust and have a connection with their coach.

This gets more challenging when you’re working with new players…

After a long break.

Or with different personalities.

A disconnect leads to players not listening, not giving their best and goofing around.

Coaches can often feel like they’ve lost the respect of their team when this happens.

Players feel like they’re not stagnating.

Parents get frustrated because it feels like their son / daughter isn’t going to improve as much as they could.

In my experience…

Coaches who understand how to elicit a buy and form strong connections with their team perform better.

Their players believe in their coach and always know what to do.

Both in training and on the court.

Players have comradery.

Players start coaching each other.

Also players develop a strong team spirit and do whatever it takes for the benefit of the team rather than themselves.

Coaches have better relationships with their players, parents and everyone else involved.

Players show up to practice early.

Not only that but players always listen to their coach and always put in the extra work at home.

Players buy into their coach’s philosophy.

When combined…

Individual players perform more consistently and teams start winning more games.

How To Get Your Players To Buy In

How exactly do you get players to buy in, listen and start coaching each other?

It starts with you as their coach, or you as their parent.

Players love a coach who always shows up full of energy and passion.

Players become more passionate when their parents fully support them on their journey.

The number one key to building stronger relationships is to model what you want.

If you want more enthusiasm, be more enthusiastic.

And if you want more discipline and a stronger work ethic, model it.

If you want better relationships and a stronger buy in, show empathy and build trust with each individual player.

Always remember:

Players are kids.

Role models – both positive and negative – influence the way a kid behaves as a player and human.

Become their role model as a coach and parent for the mental and emotional traits like work ethic, discipline and having a “next play” attitude.

Find suitable role models and mentors in basketball who can inspire individual athletes to dream big and put in the work to achieve it.

Keep Getting After It


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