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Meet Jerramy King

Meet Jerramy King from Southern California.

He grew up, I mean literally grew up watching my skill training videos. Jerramy’s mother bought him a few videos for his birthday at the age of 11 and he wanted more.

I was a small part in his development as a player but I made HUGE impact. So much that after 17 years, he got in touch with me and we GOT AFTER IT again for a week in Florida. Jerramy is currently in his 3rd year as a professional player in the PBA in the Philippines. He is a former Long Beach State player, which is the only D1 NCAA school to offer him. Jerramy is now one of the top pro in the league averaging 20 points per game. Jerramy found a way to make it happen and never stopped until he could make a living for himself.

If you are a current player, what can you take away from Jerramy. Well, I’m glad you asked!

1) You can’t control your GENES but you can control your heart and mind! He has been 5’10 for majority of his life but didn’t let that stop him. He worked on the following to make up for it:

  1. A) Skill
  1. B) Strength
  1. C) Stamina
  1. D) Basketball IQ
  1. E) UNBREAKABLE confidence
  1. F) Grit- he won’t take NO for an answer

 2) After success, there was still room for growth:I was able to break him, expose his weakness’ but he had an open mind for it, he embraced it. He did not take it personal but accepted the challenge! Here is a great PBA player willing to say “I’m great but I need to get better!” That’s humble, that’s hungry! That’s what champions exhibit I know Jerramy King will be a champion one day! 

In closing, SUCCESS is basketball, success in life has nothing to do with height, race, economics or politics. Although they can slow the process down, those factors can not and will not stop you! J.King is a perfect example. For those players reading this, KEEP GETTING AFTER IT!

God Bless

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