No Respect

Respect is ALL you have in this game. It’s also true in business and in life. When someone respects you, you can access what each other has to offer. A relationship is formed! Power comes from that relationship. When there is a lack of respect nothing positive happens.

The NABC is formed up of many middle school, high school, AAU and college coaches in which I know several of them. They are a division of the NCAA. I worked their first-ever Academy this summer and in the past, I have spoken at two of the Men’s Final Four and one of the Women’s. They 100% respect me and the work I do. However, I can’t say the same for our industry as a whole. It’s a FACT that they will not support Skill Trainers in our industry. One of the initiatives that the NCAA and NABC are pushing is to KEEP parents away from skill trainers. Here is a text I got from one of the NCAA officials:

“NABC feedback was that too many families are hiring their own trainers. So they don’t want to promote the skill trainer industry.”

I wonder WHY? If the industry was a good thing, then why wouldn’t they promote it.

The problem is social media. Everyone sees trainers only on social media and it doesn’t look good. Many trainers can’t form relationships with AAU and highs school coaches, therefore they struggle to coexist.  Below are the reasons why I think this industry is tainted:

1) Trainers are incompetent about real basketball. 

2) They only teach dribble moves that are hardly used in a game.

3) They lack articulation and the ability to communicate clearly 

4) They run an unprofessional business

5) They don’t develop a relationship with the coaches

6) They don’t work hard enough 

7) They have a spirit that screams they only care about the money 

8) They teach “their system” instead of teaching a wide variety of solutions in the game. 

9) They have a selfish narcissistic ego.

If I missed something please email me ([email protected]), I would love to hear your solutions so we can BRIDGE THE GAP between us (the skill trainers & NABC/NCAA). We need a solution because right now, I’m sure they think we are all a bunch of narcissistic clowns.


Coaches – your fruit will be coming soon because of the seeds you are planting NOW!! I love this game and I love coaches like yourself who invest in themselves to turn around and invest in others by reading my blogs.

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