Next Level – (Part 3)

Teach your players what they need to win in life

Kevin Sutton, Assistant Basketball Coach at the University of Rhode Island calls it a “living trophy.”

Win the day, win the year, win the decades! 


Players will have many more games in life than they ever play in basketball. Teach them, expose them, talk about them, be an example to them. 

A) Five games that players will play with themselves and others in life: 

1) Personal Self Care Game 

2) Relational Self Game 

3) Occupational Life Game 

4) Social Life Game 

5) Spiritual Life Game 

B) Game within a Game Definitions 

My good friend, Dee Brown and also HOF Hubie Brown has said this,there is always games within the game, so keep your antenna up!”

Teach your players to take care of self in the following areas: 

1) Personal Holistic Wellness Game

Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually 

2) Relational Self Game 

a. People you sow into (People you love)

b. People that sow into you (People that love you)

Players need skills & strategies to win in these areas:

– With their family

– With their significant other, partner, husband, wife 

– with their children, whether they parent or co-parent. They make them, they take care of them

– Community of different cultures and diversity

– Co workers, employees, colleagues, people they impact and influence 

– Friends – people in their “Circle of 5”

Mentors – people who sow into you

3) Occupational Self Game

Teach them lessons about: career exploration 

– help influence them to be aware of their calling. 

do something that they love and want to be good at or are good at 

– it’s based on strengths, passions and abilities 

– it must bring value to the world

– You must have a purpose in your occupation 

– Jobs with a lot of money will not bring REAL happiness and fulfillment 

– Use their job platform to impact other people’s lives

4) Social Life Game 

– Social etiquette 

Cultural differences 

– Embracing diversity and having empathy 

– Educate them on the pros and cons of social media. How to use it for knowledge and to their advantage. This is a BIG one in today’s world

– Positive presence and disposition with others

– Self control in crisis 

5) Spiritual Game – to me this is the most important, if you don’t get this right, everything else will be off balance. If your vertical relationship is not sound, then your horizontal relationships won’t be sound.

– It doesn’t matter what denomination you are, it matters the routine you have to connect to your soul:

3 Tools:

1) Word Education 

2) Church & Fellowship 

3) Prayer/Meditation

NCAA College Basketball Academy at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix with Ganon Baker
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