Next Level (Part 2)

Body & Mind Work

Coaches you might not have time to incorporate all of this into your program, but it is IMPORTANT. 

Players: you have to find a way to get this into your toolbox. Besides family & academics, what else do you have to do? You HAVE the time, you just have to make this a PRIORITY. 


1) Upper & Lower Strength 

2) Flexibility/Injury Prevention Techniques 

3) Speed, Athleticism & Explosion Skills 

4) Stamina Skills (My basketball workouts are so intense, I always cover this with my players) 

5) Recovery Concepts Education 

6) Hydration, Diet, Sleep  

7) Drug & Alcohol Abstinence Education 


Players what do you say, do and look like while you play? During good and bad possessions? In workouts & games?

Coaches set a CULTURE. Take their mind to another place! 

1) Emotional EQ

– Help them display levels of joy, passion, peace, empathy, compassion, patience with self, teammates & entire coaching staff.  

– Help them to communicate how they really FEEL 

– Help them demonstrate  levels of positive values 

– Help players develop the ability to hide and camouflage weakness, pain, confusion, self doubt, disappointment, fear and anxiety 

– How do they educate, empower & celebrate others? 

– Get leaders to find, speak, act upon practical solutions 

– Teach players to, yes,  take things personal. It’s human nature, BUT how do we think, act upon and help your teammates and the coaches shared vision

– Teach players clarity. Limit distractions at practice & games. With clarity comes self awareness 

– Coaches what do your players KNOW? What do they SHOW?

1) Play the right way with emotion

2) On “my bads,” next play, let it go

Spiritual Awareness:

1) Teach them to have a daily prayer, meditation, quiet time 

– this breeds & births PEACE, PURPOSE, CLARITY, POWER

– This allows you to release stress, anxiety, negative thinking and absorb thankfulness, gratitude, mercy, compassion, forgiveness for yourself, your coaches and teammates 

2) Get the word in you

– Positive books, readings, podcasts, music. 

3) Honor your life source

– for me it’s God 

– My real parents 

– for some it might be their guardians, Mom, Dad, or whoever raised them. Honor brings you SELF RESPECT AND ACCESS to things. You need this both as a player and Coach.

Stay tuned for Part 3 next week!
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