My Perspective on the Skills Training Industry by Korey Harris

My thoughts & advice on the Basketball Skills Training Industry

After having the chance to follow and observe Ganon Baker’s journey for the past 10 years, I would say that his career benefited because of his versatility.

I have seen some Skills Development Trainers get pigeon holed in one particular demographic of players, however, Ganon chose a route that gave him the advantage of flexibility. He attacked each of the 3 MOUNTAINS of skill development simultaneously.

Below are 3 small examples of Ganon’s journey and how they  they can apply to you!

1) Like most, Ganon did not have his own private facility & staff to house his clients. While that may seem undesirable to some, I believe it increased his ceiling because it forced his business model to be more fluid & adapt to constant changes in locations, times & forms of execution.

*This constant adaptation allows you as a brand to overcome obstacles and maneuver through “slow periods” while earning revenue to stay afloat & eventually build. The goal IS to have a reliable gym, but you must have backup plans!

2) Ganon started working with what was within his reach at the local level, but never missed the opportunity to serve & work other established camps & events such as: John Lucas, Boo Williams, Five Star, Nike, etc)

*Each time you make the decision to step out & serve/volunteer at an event, you increase your visibility as a coach and brand for players, parents, & other coaches. It’s not always about whose name is on the fliers or how much you will be paid.

This will eventually lead to YOUR opportunity to create your own event(s) & market to the various contacts gained. You can also tap into the pool of coaches that you may have worked side by side with at other events to create partnership/synergy.

3) While Ganon trained locally & worked events, he NEVER stopped learning methods to add to his personal curriculum. He scribbled notes from conversations with other coaches and successful individuals & journaled his progress. Once he got to a point where he knew what he believed in as a teacher, he was now primed to transition to a higher level, which is CREATING. At that point his product(s) could immediately be marketed to those who already followed him and eventually spread to a new audience.

*The name of the game is OWNERSHIP. Do you want to be someone that pushes buttons or someone that only reacts to the new wave? You may be tempted to believe that you lack the resources or ability to create something valuable within the market. The best way to start is to identify an area of NEED and attack it like a doctor searching for a cure to illness. Don’t follow a trend because they are ever changing which will leave your product outdated after time.

An important thing to remember is that 99% of trainers around the world are LOCAL. It’s just like hooping, only a small percentage get to the mountain top and a point where they are paid to travel or players are willing to travel to them.


Revenue streams for most Skill Development Trainers are:

1.) Daily training (private, small groups & teams)

2.) Holiday & summer camps

3.) Social media, online training systems & other products

* The key is selecting which lane you are as a trainer desire. Both of the following methods work as long as you understand the formula. ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

– Some would prefer to make lump sums of cash off camps & only work with select players on a regular basis that are marketable because of their name & talent.

– Other trainers want a high number of clients because that means consistent income, but are willing to work as a subcontractor at various camps which allows them to get in front of more players and grow their base clientele.

*Social media, online training systems & products are the icing on the cake which separates the majority from the upper echelon of trainers. It allows you to make EXTRA money & a broader influence. That leads to more opportunities as you already know.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. 

Korey Harris 

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