“Much Of What Is Thought To Be New In Basketball Is NOT New”

much of what is thought to be new in basketball is NOT new

Much of what is thought to be new in basketball is not new

A short while ago I got an email from Coach Bev.

Coach Bev has been in the game a LONG time, and when he speaks, I listen.

He shared something recently about the modern game of basketball that I feel is groundbreaking.

Not as in it will change the game. But in the way we think about basketball.

Here it is:

“Another factor is that most people don’t KNOW what was happening in basketball decades ago – there was actually some amazing stuff being taught. Much of what is thought to be new is not new. But is a renamed and slightly re-wrinkled former approach. And there ARE some genuinely new elements, almost all of which have evolved from something that went before – some of which was decades ahead of its time, BTW. ‘Love what you do!”

Coach Bev

Wow! Thanks for this insight, Coach.

Much of what is thought to be new in basketball isn’t new. It’s just a remix of a former approach.

In other words…

A lot of the latest, trendy, modern elements of today’s game has its roots in something from decades ago.

But how does this knowledge give coaches & players the edge?

Think about what’s the most consistent element between today’s game and, let’s say, basketball during the MJ days?

The best players have mastered the fundamentals.

You can teach the same shooting fundamentals MJ used to players of all ages and levels.


The greatest players of all time were Jedi Masters of executing the fundamentals at an extremely high level with an even higher level of intensity.

Young kids can learn MJ’s shooting form (whether you agree he had a good shooting form or not is irrelevant here).

Like they can learn any other player’s moves or approaches.

But you got to break it down and teach the fundamentals first.


You might have to give drills teaching the correct body position and movement without the ball until they get it right.

Then you move onto the next step.

And the next until they get it.

What’s the lesson here?

If – as Coach Bev pointed out – modern basketball is a remix of the game of the past…

And the one part of the game that remains consistent is the fundamentals…

Then it makes sense to teach fundamentals and proven principles to players of all ages and levels.

Because when they master these timeless moves, they can apply the moves in different situations.


They have a solid base of skills that allows a player to adopt and quickly master the latest moves too.

Without having to start over and put in as much time as someone who hasn’t got the fundamentals down.

Your next step as a coach or player

Coach Bev said: “most people don’t KNOW what was happening in basketball decades ago”

You’ll find a treasure trove of ideas you can apply to you game by studying film and breaking down moves from old games.


You’re not doing this to try and “copy and paste” what you see.

You’re doing this to find patterns between what the champions of yesterday did and what today’s best teams are doing.

When you uncover this, you can use it as a foundation for your player development.

And you know it works…

Because the great players from decades ago and today’s great players are using the same foundation.

Which is exactly why I invested 17 years of my life finding and building my Full Basketball Curriculum.

My Full Curriculum contains all the fundamentals and proven principles used by players from decades ago and used by great players today.

I’ve divided the curriculum into 13 progressive levels starting with teaching points and workouts suitable for absolute beginners…

All the way to workouts to give top college athletes and NBA/WNBA pros.

If you’d like to know more about how this basketball curriculum can help you, go to the page below:



If you’re a basketball coach who would like me to help you build your philosophy and program based on the concepts above, we’d love to invite you to book a call to see how we can help you achieve your goals on the page below:


Or if you’re a player (or parent of an aspiring player) who would like me to take their game to the next level, schedule a quick call with Mihai on the page below and we’ll let you know how we can help.


Keep Getting After It


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