Lack of Motivation is a Pandemic Too

Strategies to Get You Motivated During the Pandemic

Man, I feel so “naked” and lonely sometimes during this pandemic. I have not been in flesh with a coach, player or in a gym since February 24th. This is the longest I have ever been away and it stinks. I have had to motivate myself EVERYDAY to get better and still bring value to my game and my life! 

Lack of motivation or inspiration is a HUGE illness. It’s a destructive mindset issue.  One of the BIGGEST signs of immaturity is to not be self motivated. SOMETHING has to be fundamentally wrong with you if you have to be constantly told to do right. If a leader/Coach has to “twist your arm” then that’s the lowest form of maturity you can have. 

As a Coach I see it ALL the time. It’s not just something that is relevant during a pandemic. Lack of motivation has been around ever since I started playing. I had teammates who were not motivated, I had Coaches who were not motivated.  Now, I’m a Coach myself and I see the same thing. It’s something that is NEVER going to change.

It’s the SEPARATOR between champs and chumps.

If 1% of the people out there are really successful then the 99% are not highly motivated to change or continue to FIGHT. 

Being motivated has always been a gift from God to me. I thank God daily for gracing me with the ZEST for basketball and life. Michael Jordan had it, Kobe Bryant had it, Mya Moore (to name a few of the many Champions) had it. About the age of 12, I have always been internally driven to do my best, PERIOD! Yes, it helps to be patted on the back or to be recognized,  but I just have the fire inside me to GET AFTER IT everyday. When life “punches” me,  I embrace and take the punches. Taste the blood, lick my wounds, adjust, adapt and then advance forward to keep fighting! I don’t like fights. They are uncomfortable and no one likes pain, but I will say this:


I have had the privilege and experience to know and talk with a lot of high school, NCAA, WNBA, NBA Coaches and Skills Trainers. It’s interesting some of the issues a few NBA and Top 25 NCAA assistants deal with year after year: 

"Our players are very fragile mentally and emotionally! They lack the GRIT when they play bad and / or receive criticism from a coach. It just comes down to the fact that they are not motivated highly enough to keep fighting to win!”

I LOVE what Buzz Williams (Texas A&M Head Coach) has to say. Listen here!

This is something we all struggle with as leaders, coaches and humans. In my opinion it’s WHY you succeed or you don’t succeed in this industry and in life.

Are you driven?

How bad do you want it?

Are you motivated?

The Last Dance

One of the greatest things on ESPN I have seen in a long time is THE LAST DANCE!

WOW! Take a pen and pad and rewatch all the episodes. Amazing motivation, inspiration and knowledge dripping from each episode. To me it came down to, among many other factors obviously, but motivation was the BIGGEST factor to the Bull’s legacy! 

Phil Jackson – has to motivate himself to be patient and flexible as a leader.

MJ – “Winning and being a LEADER always has a price!” He mentally and emotionally got himself ready to pay the price every season and off season.

Bulls teammates – had to motivate themselves daily to live up to MJ’s expectations and pressures every game and practice. 

Everything I wrote above, I try to find a way to echo that or teach that or say that in my workouts, practices, or face to face conversations with players and coaches. The MJ story,  the issues high level organizations from high schools to pros deal with, well  I’m telling that “story” to motivate my TRIBE. You can learn to tell that story, too! 

As a leader in the industry I’m not just going to give you a bunch of problems (as real as they are), I am going to help you with the solutions. Below are my favorite and then I have included a PDF of some more. 



Strategies for players & people who lack motivation:

1) YOU! As a leader you need to model motivation

– If you behave, talk, demonstrate intensity, knowledge and energy, then you have a better way to TRANSFER IT! 

2) Find & FEED their WHY!

– what is the purpose of their journey? Where did they start? What is the reason they are here now? 

– asking questions is a great way of self discovery 

– Plant seeds daily and try to feed them physical, mentally, emotionally, spiritually with your time, information, and talent you have as a leader


What you bring daily over time with DILIGENCE can be a game changer in motivating your players. Just keep getting after them! Figure it out.

HOWEVER (Warranty)

There comes a point in your relationships with them that you have to WALK AWAY. There is nothing more you can do and you have to focus on the others. 

It’s ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE to be in a relationship where you have to constantly motivate the person to listen and do the right thing! Nobody wants to ‘live’ there for too long. It’s freaking EXHAUSTING!

I personally think with diligence, prayer, and the Holy Spirit, God help anyone find that fire! 

Please share with me any ways you motivate yourself and techniques you use to help motivate your players! 

As always keep getting after it!

Here is the Motivation PDF: Motivation – April 27th 2020 (1)

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