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Here are four (4) things to focus on that make you more than just your TITLE

I wanted to go more in depth explaining the video I posted on social media this week as there was a lot of interaction and great feedback. 

You have to stick to your vision!

One of my GREAT mentors Pete Strickland, always said it’s not what you do, it’s what you EMPHASIZE.

STICK TO YOUR VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT AS A COACH/LEADER, every single day on and off the court!

Your routine will produce results

If you want to produce anything of value, you have to be consistent in your self discipline. There are things you can do daily to help you stay, sharp, wise, healthy, passionate, energetic and strong. 

As a leader/coach you have to keep physically and mentally ready for the day, the event and the challenge. Your rest time, nutrition, workout time, plan time, think time, prayer time, TIME. How good is your time management? It must be LEGIT for you produce something of value.

When you get stuck - PRAY, SEEK and FIND THAT “FIGHT.” Discover self reflection

1) Find what drives you, challenges you, fuels your PASSION!  Find a problem in culture and then seek to solve it

2)Personally for me, after graduating College, I was fired up about BECOMING an NCAA D1 College coach and then I got stuck 5 years later. At 28, I was fired up about BECOMING and did become a basketball skills training part time while playing professionally in Iceland for two years, with a brief summer tryout for the Denver Nuggets. Then I got hurt and got STUCK! At age 30 I decided to BECOME a full time Skills Trainer. At 44 I got stuck! I then found the PASSION to create and pioneer the market of basketball education ALL OVER THE WORLD. Currently, we have two registered business’, one in the USA and one in China.

3)It took myself to figure out how to get to the next level and what the market needed and not letting the World keep me in a box or let other Coaches tell me what I needed to do. Time with God, time in self reflection does not LIMIT ME and the world can’t LABEL me.

Focus on what you can produce & what you can control then your products will come

1)Focus on controlling your heart, mind and your emotions.

2) REMEMBER what you learned, studied and wrote down! Go EXECUTE AND DELIVER THAT DAILY. The World will “Post” your performance rather than your “Selfies.”

I tell people all the time, I got where I am today based on my REPUTATION more so than ANY SEO CAMPAIGN. God is the best SEO. That was true back in 2000 when I started and it’s true today!

Take a listen to the VLOG’s below!




Ganon Baker
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This new comprehensive basketball curriculum will change how people learn the game of basketball worldwide. It is perfect for players and coaches from the beginner all the way through to professionals. Not only do we show players how to train, but we show coaches and trainers how to teach!

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