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Korey Harris, one of our longest Mentorship members, who currently has a full time gig in Beijing with GBB, shares some advice to Skills Trainers. He opens up what it has been like studying and working alongside Ganon for the last 10 years. 

Ganon Baker Sharing Knowledge with Knowledge with Korey Harris

Never Allow Yourself to get Used to This:

The beginning of 2019 marked 10 years that I have been studying and learning from Ganon Baker, 9 years that I’ve been blessed to work side by side with him on the court.

People ask me all of the time what has it been like to be mentored by and work closely with G. Honestly, I’d be lying if I said that I never expected to get to this point. I knew that eventually I could have the chance to influence coaches and players around the world next to one of the greatest teachers that the game has ever seen. How did I know this? It’s all because of a lesson that I was reminded of last week during our event here in Beijing.

The past decade with G has been a whirlwind of sweat drenched Nike dri-fit shirts, notebook pages filled with life changing quotes, diagrams with basketball X’s & O’s, long trips, and even longer conversations about faith, people, and hoops. I’ve seen as many coaches, including myself, struggle to stand under the pressure of Ganon’s shadow and deliver the same level of energy and high level basketball knowledge at EVERY stop. But it was THIS week where I was able to witness the keys to his sustained level of success.


– I don’t care if you’re a coach or a player, we’ve ALL dealt with nerves, anxiety, the fear of failure or not being respected. It’s normal, but that doesn’t mean that it should be accepted.

– In order to conquer fear, you must learn to counter it with faith and also find a purpose or reason “why” that is bigger than the pressure that you’re facing.

– Focus on the moment, not the outcome

– The right daily habits such as: sharpening your skills, honing your craft, and growing yourself holistically will build your confidence over time.

– Don’t try to impress the people, make the effort to impress upon them what’s truly important and valuable.


– I’ve done a handful of coaching clinics here in China with Ganon since 2018 and each time, we both have had to adjust our teaching styles in order to meet the needs of the coaches present. There’s no such thing as a “perfect” method or style of communication. Bruce Lee said it best. “Be like water.”

– The coaches of this generation must also take the opportunity to mentor other coaches much more seriously. With the amount of “certificates” being offered out here, it’s our responsibility to teach the GAME, not just the FLASHY stuff with no application.


– If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Ganon in the past decade, it’s that you NEVER arrive! Each time, I’m around G, he’s learned something new or is asking questions to continue his personal growth. At the seasoned age of 47, he’s still busting his ass EVERY day to be someone that can SHOW players what it takes to be legendary.

– At dinner, he shared with me his mindset and why he approaches his daily life this way and hasn’t shown signs of slowing down. It’s because he grew up studying the greats and they didn’t believe in passing the buck or allowing themselves to get full off of the hype. Being considered the best in your field comes with a price, and it’s due every day.

– I hear the murmurs, I see the back and forth between coaches and trainers now who seem to be more competitive than the players they work with. I respect it, but in my opinion, there still isn’t anyone even that comes close. I see the dedication from G,  I’m in the camp lunch time workouts day after day after day… Let me know if you’re still killing it on the floor when you’re pushing 50. I’ll wait.

– It’s our job as the younger generation of trainers and coaches not to push out the ones who paved the way for us, but to savor the opportunity to draw from them as long as we can and give back to them. Our energy keeps them young.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I hope you took something positive away from this!

Ganon Baker Basketball Mentorship Member, Korey Harris
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