Kobe’s DNA

Ask yourself this at the end of each day: Was that my best?

Kobe’s answer is always: HELL YES!

Below is a recap from an article Sports Illustrated did with Kobe during his playing days.

I have listed some characteristics that I challenge you to ADOPT and make it apart of your DNA. He, by far, is the most fascinating player I have ever been on the court with. Ask yourself this question when you have finished the day and lay your head on the pillow: “Was that my best?”

Kobe’s answer is always “Hell yes!”


#1 – Unbreakable/Unshakable faith in his abilities

  • It can’t and will not be stripped.  

Q- How did he get this uncommon faith?

A-  HE WORKS DAILY! Some people work sometimes, Kobe works ALL THE TIME! If you work, you will have success, this breeds confidence. If you don’t have success, right now, you have to keep working.

#2- He is authentically different. He worries more about his passion more than being popular

  • He has no posse’, no publicist, no groupies. His focus was on being the best at his craft he can be! When he is on the court, he wants to kill you! This is uncommon in life.

Q- You want to make it in life and be successful?
A- Don’t follow the norm. Don’t try to be like everyone else. Just achieve your goal or “die trying”.

#3- He is human, he realizes he is not perfect.

  • He has self doubt, insecurities, even the fear of failing. Many nights his body hurt and he didn’t feel like “balling”. Two of the most common human emotions are fear and laziness, but he did not succumb to it. He embraced the emotions, the adversity! He faced it head on and knew if he can get through the hard, then success follows.

#4- He looks at problems and finds solutions. He does not complain, he competes.

  • Every year Kobe added another “tool to his tool box”. Do you? Every year he continued to add value to his game. Do you do this with your life? If you continue to add value to your life, life can never beat you! You Win! Don’t get COMPLACENT, GET COMPETITIVE!

#5- FACT: He knows if you keep pushing yourself, you will keep getting better!

  • At certain times in the game of basketball and in life, you are flat out going to get your butt whipped and your teeth kicked in. It is inevitable you will get hit in the mouth. You will realize, if it doesn’t kill you, it really wasn’t that bad in the first place. Get up and KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!

#6 – He lives and loves the game

  • Some people are casual, Kobe is committed. The game simply means more to him than other players. The game goes with him wherever he goes. This is a separator from average and good players, from good players to great players.

Q-  Do you really hurt when you lose or have weaknesses?
Q-  Do you have a burning desire to get better?
Q – Do you really embrace the feeling of winning?
Kobe did!

#7 –  He is not afraid to change his habits to get better

  • He changed his shot, his eating habits, how he motivated his teammates. He realized mistakes are his greatest education.

#8- He hated settling. He was not a follower. He wants what’s BEST!

  • When he did not start early in his career, he came off the bench and was pissed. So everyday in practice he tried to kick the starters butt! He went at them!

Q- How do you handle things when you don’t start? If you don’t play?
Q- At work or in school how do you handle when people don’t listen or respect your ideas or point of view?
A- Go right at them! Kick their butt with wisdom, knowledge, ideas and productivity!

#9- He was open and honest with his teammates

  • He communicated to them even when it was hard. If the leader communicates then that opens the door for everyone to.

Q- Do you communicate with your teammates/family/coworkers even when it is hard?

#10- He disliked lazy people and teammates

  • And so do I. If you are going to be lazy then you can’t live in the house of success.  

#11 – He did not get bored

  • Kobe had to rehab his heel one summer. He had to do the same thing over and over again. He refused to let boredom and fatigue kill his game. I’ve seen way too many young people and players, turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, other addictions because they got bored and lost sight of their destiny. Don’t you think for 1 second that you were not meant for greatness, YOU WERE MEANT FOR GREATNESS! ALL OF YOU HAVE A PURPOSE.  Don’t get bored with the process.

Q – don’t you want to be a leader not a follower?
Q – don’t you want to be the “Head” and not the Tail”?
Q – don’t you want to be a Champion and not a Chump?
Q – don’t you want to be an Entrepreneur and not an Employee?
Q – don’t you want your destiny to be in your own hands and not some systems hands?

Ganon Baker and Kobe Bryant
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