Knowledge from a solid NBA Point Guard

During my time spent with Deron Williams, he shared some great point guard tips that I took down to help me grow my game as well expand my knowledge as a Global Skills Trainer. I am a sponge and love learning from the best in the game. 

The Best Players:

1- Compete

2- Go hard even when it hurts or is uncomfortable

3- Listen and are always locked in to their coaches

4-  ALWAYS ask questions on how  to get better

  • No matter who you are, there is a long way from today and where you want to go, keep pushing forward!

Players Need to Know:

1) Their strengths and weaknesses

2) How many plays they are involved in during the game. This is important.

3) What to do to get better. Watch film and ask questions

4) Be in great shape to be able to run the floor every time

5) Running is a drill! It is what a lot of players DON’T do!

6) You have to compete HARD vs your friends. Today’s players are too nice to each other. They need a little more nasty.

Point Guards:

Point Guards must move the ball, don’t let the ball stick (check out some drills here)

– think fast, read slow, make move explosive

– the shorter the passes the better

Send bigs to the rim. Point guards must set the tone for the bigs to roam. Use your command voice

– if he didn’t play hard, there was a chance he would get traded. That’s what motivated him to work hard

– Turnovers kill his credibility as a point guard

– Get your bigs to go after every rebound, the more rebounds they go after, the more they get! They paid Kendrick Perkins $9 million/year to screen and rebound.

– grow your game, add something new to your game each month, each year.

If you are looking to take your game to the next level, take this knowledge and GET AFTER IT!! I’m always here to help

Ganon Baker
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