Sleep, Work, Play - 24hrs

Thanks to current head coach of LMU and a great friend of mine Mike Dunlap, for always giving me advice when I see him. This blog is inspired by Coach Mike. Below is a tweet of his that resonated tremendously in my spirit.

“The only way to truly reach your potential is to CHANGE.”

Here are my expanded thoughts:

Change means to get uncomfortable and to dive into FAITH. Change is not guaranteed, therefore it scares people. I know many coaches who like routine, if it works, they keep doing it. The mindset is if I keep my job, my income, my security, why change it?

I have seen many stale coaches who won’t change what “they have always done for years,” and then I have seen many young skill trainers have SUCCESS early on based on what they know and have taken advantage of enhancing their social media. This means they have a false sense of superficial SUCCESS in their career so far.

There is nothing wrong with that, that’s not wrong thinking, THAT IS JUST NOT CHAMPIONS/NEXT LEVEL GREATNESS/IMPACTFUL LEADERS thinking. If you want to be a CHAMPION and game changer like Coach Dunlap, read below. He inspired me to tell you this:


  • Every GREAT/CHAMPION basketball person I have ever been around had a VISION. I saw it, I heard it, I experienced it.
  • “IT” was real. I use “IT” daily, weekly, monthly, annually. What is “IT?”
    • “IT” IS A PLAN.
  • Where there is no plan or vision, the people perish. Here are some ways you can help organize your plan:
    • Organize your day with a daily calendar. Personally, what works for me, is I text myself what I need to get done every day, so that the first text I read everyday is a plan from myself. I then re-write it on paper. A simple formula I use is to always have a 24 hour plan.

24 hrs in a day:

1) 8 hours SLEEP
2) 8 hours WORK
3) 8 hours SURVIVAL & PLAY with your PASSION

Let’s break it down!

1) 8 hours of sleep:
I have heard time & time again, “Rise and grind!”  or “Sleep is for broke people” …not for me.

  • Rise and grind. I get it –  get up early, attack the day! That does not mean go to bed at Midnight and get up at 5 am! The successful, hip hop preacher, Eric Thomas,  coined the phrase “sleep is for broke people!” He wakes up at 3:30am & does more from 3:30-6:30am than most people all day. I’m sure he does! What people don’t realize is he goes to bed at 7:30pm. BOOM, there is his 8 hours.
  • For me, I go to bed at 10:30pm and wake up at 6:30am & get more work done from 7:30-10:30pm while he is sleeping. See my point?
  • When I lived with Amar’e Stoudemire when I trained him for three summers, we would be ON the court by 7 or 8 am. Wake up was at 6am, but we were in bed the night before by 10pm! 
  • NO DAYS OFF? Our bodies and mind need the recovery, recharge and balance. You have to REST.

My point is that sleep is important in order to be successful. For me, my greatest asset is my energy. As a Coach it’s a huge factor in getting hired at the next level. Energy and competence! One of the reasons why I have energy is from my diet, exercise and SLEEP! It keeps my motor up and running. You won’t have the energy to improve or to even be self aware to notice you need to improve if you don’t get sleep. You will be a MEDIOCRE ZOMBIE.

Complacent coaches & passive players, go to bed!

2) 8 hrs of WORK:

  • For students it’s the actual school they attend, it’s their EDUCATION
  • For adults and professionals it’s their profession. It’s what they do for a living to make money. For me it’s running a basketball business, and in that business, I’m a Player Developmental Coach.
  • Here is the area where you evaluate what works & what does not work. Here is where you get the information about your plan. The WORK part of your day is your “GAME”
  • The blessing is when your WORK IS YOUR PLAY. The lucky ones enjoy/love what they do, so they actually have 16 hours of their day that they can plan with. However, this is not the norm, unfortunately. We have to work for a living, so you might as well do something you love.

3) 8hrs of PLAY:
Yes, finally, I can talk about the FUN STUFF!  

  • Your “free” time during your day is the normal human stuff, not necessarily in order, but they all can be fun or necessary for survival:
    • nutrition
    • family & friends
    • SELF DEVELOPMENT (IMPROVEMENT) – people that are passionate about learning have not quit reading my rambling but now I’m getting into the diamond’s
      • Everyday you have to take advantage of the time during your 8 hrs. I truly believe everyone has a time slot of 4-7hrs maybe 8hrs/a day to consciously work on improving but you have to be intentional, efficient and precise.

As a Coach/leader you have to plan time to work on your holistic self, to be the best version of yourself.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog on Self Development!

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