To follow up with last week’s blog, Ball Screen Bombs, I now want to dive deeper into ICE READS. Before going any further, make sure you read Ball Screen Bombs. 

Definition of an ICE READ – When the first level on ball defender jumps to the side where they want to go. For a side ball screen, the on ball defender jumps and forces the ball handler to the baseline. The 2nd level defender or screeners defender stays back between the screener and basket, just outside the lane (around mid post).

Solutions and Drills from ICE coverage:

Attacking “ICE” coverage:

  1. Attack big defender and “angle” off into two dribble pull up or floater 
  2. Dribble down pass to offensive big screener and get back either by pass (chase) or DHO
  3. Dribble down, make level one defender re-adjust their defensive angle and go back off the adjusted ball screen (corner ball screen) 
  4. Dribble up, big teammate changes angle and sets a step up screen. Guard attacks down hill
  1. Dribble up, big teammate sets step up and guard snakes it and makes a play
  2. Hit big teammate popping, big reverses it, guard comes off a pin down in corner 
  3. Ball handler snakes the screen and draws defenders to nail of free throw line and makes play 


1) Hit corner cut through, corner pick and roll(P/R)

2) Dribble handoff with corner then roll, they come off side P/R

3) Dribble to corner teammate who goes back door, then come off corner P/R

There you have it! I just gave you ten drills which are game actions and solutions off ice reads.   You can deviate off these ten drills and come off with 30 more drills. Your creativity is endless!

Below are three ICE READ drills from our Pro Curriculum! Take a look!

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