How To Get Your Players To Buy In?

How To Get Your Players To Buy In

One of the most common questions I get asked is:

“What’s the best way to elicit a buy in from players?”

I get asked this from coaches working with young kids to college and even pros.

Reality is, not every buy in technique is going to work with your individual players and their unique personalities.

You have to be open to trying new ideas and be prepared to get it wrong.

A lot of coaches feel a little insecure about trying something that might not work.

They’re afraid of looking like a fool in front of their team and losing the respect of players.

But this fear of trying something that might not work is what is probably holding them back.


When you elicit a buy in, your athletes give 100% of their attention.

Also when you have attention, you impart more knowledge.

When they learn more from you, the bigger the improvements they’ll experience.

And this has a critical part in your role as their coach.


Motivation increases when you get better at something.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself.

Feeling the accomplishment of overcoming the first hurdle.

Then it feels easier.

You can do it without thinking.

You enjoy it more.

Which leads to higher levels of motivation.

Here’s a formula you should remember:

More motivation = More discipline, stronger work ethics and more passion for the game.

Over time, you’ll develop a strong philosophy.

An unspoken rule that your gym is a hard-working gym.

When you’re teaching correct basketball principles, you’re building momentum.

This momentum snowballs until you have a winning program.

A winning program where all your athletes give their absolute best.

Both on and off the court.

And this is exactly the type of thing I cover when mentoring 1 on 1 clients.

If you’d like me to mentor you 1 on 1, you can find out if you qualify for our mentorship program here 

Keep Getting After It


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