How To Get Your Players Executing In Game-Like Situations

How To Get Your Players Executing In Game-Like Situations

Does any of this sound familiar?

You teach a player how to compete against defenders in practice, but they can’t seem to do any of it when they’re in game.

This is a common challenge for coaches and parents teaching their son / daughter.

Players are unable to execute what they learn in practice in game-like situations.

Which stops young athletes from reaching their full potential as a player.

Sometimes leading to a player losing motivation, confidence and passion for the game.

Simply because they feel like they aren’t good enough…

Ganon Baker training a young boy in China

How do you overcome this?

Whenever you’re introducing a new principle, concept or teaching point…

Always teach the move and the counter.

Then get the players practicing the move AND the counter.

And give your player a variety of drills that show how to execute the move in a variety of ways in game-like situations.

Repetition is the Mother of Success.

And the more reps your player gets in practice, the more they’re going to execute in game-like situations.

Keep Getting After It


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