How To Effortlessly Teach Basketball To Any Age, Level And Ability

How To Effortlessly Teach Basketball To Any Age, Level And Ability

I try my best to provide you with the latest breakthroughs in sports science you can apply to your game so you give yourself, your player(s) or your team the edge.

Like when I shared the fastest, most effective way to learn new moves is by doing as many reps as possible in a given timeframe.

In case you missed it…

The science shows that when you do this, an athlete’s brain recognizes and remembers what’s correct and incorrect.

The move gets embedded into “muscle memory” when they sleep.

Learning skills efficiently is all about the density of repetitions.


Coach Adrian recently shared this message with me:

“We can be all scientific or technical with our approach in an attempt to make the players understand what we are trying to teach. But it could be all jargons or not interesting to them. Concepts are best learned when we use examples that they can relate to. Like Ganon's rhymes, it's easier to remember and easier to duplicate (not the rhymes but the actual lessons), hence, more effective”.

Coach Adrian

I can’t remember what topic Adrian was talking about.

As I said above, I try my best to share the latest insights from sports science, exercise physiology and performance when I come across it.

So you can apply it with your athletes to get them performing to the best of their ability.

Honestly, I have a hard time articulating scientific and physiological research.

Because I don’t have a deep knowledge of the subject.

It’s hard for me to communicate scientific research.

Like it’s hard for some coaches to communicate basketball concepts in a way their player(s) can understand and relate to.

When it comes to basketball, it’s completely different

But I can quickly and easily articulate any basketball concept to any coach or player in a way they remember.

Which allows me to quickly and effortlessly come up with new ways to deliver a principle, concept or teaching point.

And how to present the principle, concept or teaching point in a way that a young player will remember.

My favorite way to do this – as Adrian pointed out – is to use rhymes and references.

Like when I used to quote Tupac to some players and give references from things like Disney Movies to others.

Why am I sharing this?

The more you know about a topic…

And the more you fill your brain with techniques to deliver your message. 

The easier it becomes to teach basketball effectively.

The more you think outside the box…

Like studying mental, emotional, spiritual player development strategies…

Also like learning about child psychology if you’re coaching kids…

Like making the effort to learn more about players who come from different backgrounds or broken homes…

The more you’re going to be able to deliver your message in a way that reaches players on a deep personal level.

That’s the secret.

Keep Getting After It


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