How I Got Started

How I Got Started

I get emails all the time about  “How did you start?” and “How did you know what to do?” Take a look below at my response:

It’s a great life and I have found my purpose . If you want to be a player development coach think about the following things I did to get where I am today:

Seek Wisdom:

I read the book Purpose Driven Life back in 2001 when I got injured from playing professionally in Iceland.  I came home, had surgery and was still for months.  From reading that book is where I gained wisdom in what my next “season of life ” should be!  I concluded it was to be a player development coach and entrepreneur.

I was focused and right.

Think long and hard to make sure this is your purpose, because if it’s not you will either fail or you will be miserably successful!

Create a Game plan and Curriculum:

I wrote down what I believed in from an offensive and defensive philosophy. How, what, and why I was going to teach.  Drills were irrelevant to me, it was the skill concepts and fundamentals of every position, skill set, and offensive action that I wanted to be clear about.

I also wrote a business plan because I made a commitment, a “plan A” to make it profitable.

 I did not have a social media marketing platform nor did I take out a loan.  I started with $250 and a billion dollar attitude of PASSION AND RESILIENCE

I grew by Caring about the Client and Coaching with Brutally Honest TRUTH:

 I was good at what I did. I focused on the client respecting the game and their work ethic and cared less whether they liked it. I coached them up hard! 

I did have charisma and a sense of humor but our FUN came out of taking that kid to a place where he/she has never been. It was called LEARNING! 

We live in a world now where even the majority of adults hate learning more than losing. It’s uncomfortable, it’s hard, time consuming, and most people just won’t spend time or resources on EDUCATION.

Don’t be most. Put yourself in that category of people that love learning and make learning ADDICTIVE.

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