Here’s one of the biggest challenges I see both coaches and players have

Here’s one of the biggest challenges I see both coaches and players have

I see coaches and players struggle with this challenge all the time.

If you’re a coach, I’m sure you’ve felt frustrated by this at some point in your career.

And I’ve worked with enough players to know it’s something a lot of athletes struggle with too.

Here’s what I believe is the biggest challenge for coaches & players…

When players don’t execute what they practiced in the game.

You might have the best program in your league.


If your players don’t execute in live play, they aren’t going to perform to the best of their ability.

Players might have a lot of talent….

But they aren’t going to impress the recruiters if they don’t turn those moves into point-scoring plays.

There are dozens of reasons players don’t consistently execute what they learn in practice on the court…

Perhaps they haven’t got enough meaningful reps to make it an automatic reflex.

Perhaps they aren’t getting enough practice against a live defense.

Not only that but perhaps they lack confidence on the court or have self-sabotaging behavior.

I’ve been a coach for close to three decades where I’ve had the privilege to work with every type of player from kids to pros.

And there’s one technique that consistently gets players executing what they learn in practice on the court.

I recommend this to any coach or player who might not have a toolbox filled with mental and emotional strategies.

I always say:

Repetition and GRIT is the FATHER of success 

The more reps you get, the better you get.

If you want players to execute what they learn in practice on the court, give more reps in game-like situations.

Analyze film of your team.

Break it down to find where they aren’t executing.

Diagnose what’s causing the problem.

Give more reps until their weakness becomes a strength.

Repeat until they’ve mastered it.

Are You Making This Big Mistake A Lot Of Coaches And Players Make

But will this work for me?

It’s hard and it takes time.

Coaches have different players with different abilities, styles and personalities on your team.

Players have to integrate with their teammates.

The more experience you have, the better a player will execute on the court.

I can’t give all the answers in one single email.

I couldn’t give all the answers in two years.

Because the simple truth is, you have to apply what you learn so they fit your unique style.

Which is why I recommend the most serious players and coaches to come work with me 1 on 1 either virtually or at my home in Florida.

So I can give you the solution for every problem you have so you become elite and unstoppable.

If this describes you, I’d like to invite you to book a free strategy call with my team on the page below to see how we can help you: 


Keep Getting After It


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