Grant Hill Series Pt. 2

3 Values Grant Hill Needs to be Recognized For

Grant Hill Basketball Hall of Fame

Humble & Respectful

What I didn’t mention in depth, was during the game, our three big guys were beating the crap out of him on drives to the Rim. I mean they were even flagrant. It was the late 80’s so no flagrant’s were called. Back then man, refs were scared of the players and the players were intimidators.

There was nothing SOFT about H.S. Basketball.  We put Grant on his back and to the FT Line at least 4-5 times. It was so bad , that I helped him up once and my teammates jacked me up in the locker room at half time.

They said , “don’t show that MF any mercy”. 

Anyway, we knew Grant was the Man, we had to intimidate him, attack him, and beat him down. He still got numbers but we won because we were tougher as a whole.  So after getting cheap shotted, and challenged by the Crabbers (our team), Grant still had the humbleness and respect to let us know after the game and even went OUT OF HIS WAY to do so!  I would never forget that!

You see here is the LESSON: 

What you Respect stays in your life and you can access it! What you Disrespect, will move away from your Life and you can’t add its value to your Life!

Win Gracefully and Lose Humbly. Man that was Grant! Unreal persona!!

Basketball has changed his Life and his family’s life.  It has given him tremendous Purpose and Peace.  In times of his hardest moments as a Player , he chose to be respectful and CELEBRATE OTHERS after we had SUCCESS!  TWICE!  TWO YEARS IN A ROW! 

That’s crazy.  You know how hard that is to do? To forgo your ego and Recognize OTHERS??  To this day, when we text each other, I will be reminded from him, how we “stole his title “ and he hates that he lost.  The fact that he brings it up , means he respected the H.S. State Championship Tournament Fight we both had.  That Respect leads me to my next value Grant has …


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