Grant Hill Series Pt. 1

Grant Hill Has Always Been a Hall of Famer
Grant Hill Basketball Hall of Fame

First and foremost, congrats to Grant Hill for being recognized as one of the BEST to ever do it in the field of Basketball.  I’m not writing this to name drop, or add to his mountain and millions of fans around the world who are blogging about him as well.

I’m writing this to HELP others be a HOFer too.  To point out the LESSONS and VALUE so people can learn and they can get the most out of life too.  To be successful too, regardless of the environment you came out of.

Grant Hills parents were RICH. They both were Ivy League grads and dad was an NFL Pro Football Player.  Grant’s life was set in regards to a roof over his head, food on table, and job opportunities, just because of the life he was born into.  Set , not easy.

This is why the respect I have for him goes way beyond basketball. Grant is a guy who you would want to run for President, date your daughter, and be God Parent to your kids.  Grant Hill is a HOF in the Shrine of LIFE. Why? Because he had the HEART, and Perspectives! He has Values that cost nothing, they are “FREE”.  They don’t cost a thing, but the sacrifice you have to pay to achieve them is COSTLY.

The neat thing is, EVERYONE reading this can achieve and attain them. You don’t have to be a HOF basketball player nor afford to leave your place of habitat to learn, use, and make these Values part of your DNA. You just have to make the choice to change your life for the better.


I met Grant formally in March 1989 and March 1990 VA State H.S. AAA Semifinals #1 South Lakes vs Hampton HS (not even in top 10 both years).  Then AGAIN the next year, crazy, 1990 March VA AAA State HS Semifinals.  Same Scenario!!

We beat them, both years, by 8pts or so one year, and by 6 Points or so the next.  Now, Grant had his 37pts and triple double both years. He was a HOF back then too. 6’8” , played every position!! IT WAS UNHEARD OF BEFORE! HE WAS THE “NEXT MAGIC”.  HE INSPIRED PENNY HARDAWAY,  HE WAS WHAT LEBRON IS TODAY BUT LESS PHYSICAL.

I say less Physical because our 3 big guys, just punished him. Every time he touched the Paint with or without the ball,my team gave him Pain!

Here is my point, and here is what I remember, because my parents Arnie and Lynn Baker raised me right!! After the game , he stayed after, and touched every single one of our Hampton HS members.  He was a gracious loser. He respected the process of competing!  He shook everyone’s hand. Players, Coaches, Managers!

Man, the managers always get left out in HS.  Not on Grant Hills watch!!

He stayed and even chatted with us.  After all, we KNEW he was going to go ANYWHERE in College basketball (DUKE) WE KNEW he was an All American, we KNEW he was going to be one of the best NBA players to ever lace up!  Yes, he had that SWAG in his game as a JR and SR. Grant could GO!!

Check out:  Values Grant Hill Needs to be recognized for!

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