Guest Blog by BasketballHQ: The Importance of Finding Balance in Your Workouts

When it comes to skill development, there are so many different areas that you could be spending your time on. There is ball-handling, shooting, defense, passing, and so on, and these are just the main categories. There are also specific types of moves and actions inside each of these main categories that can be working on. 


So, how and where should you be spending your gym time? Should you be trying to work on everything at once? Should you spend time mastering one before moving on? Should you only work on skills that fall into your role? There are so many questions that could be asked regarding this topic. And if you are not sure where to begin, you could be wasting valuable gym time. 


The goal of this article is to make sure that this doesn’t happen. These five keys to finding the right balance in your workouts will make sure that the time you spend in the gym is maximized, and that there is no more wasted time. 


Based on Position and Role

When it comes to skill development and being in the gym, there are only so many hours that you have available to you. Even if you are committed to logging more hours than most, you still are going to need to figure out a gameplan for what you should be spending your time on. As a player, you want to be able to make the most out of your gym time.


A big part of doing this is going to be making sure that you are working on skills that fit your game. Yes, you always want to be improving and developing yourself into a well-rounded player, but you should be locking in on the skills that are most valuable to you as well. This is especially true when you are in season. 


Before you go to the gym, sit down, and evaluate the types of shots and moves that you are most likely going to get. If you can spend time developing and mastering these moves, you are going to set yourself up for success.

Working Towards Mastery

When it comes to working on a specific skill, too many players think that being good at a move is enough. It is the players that truly master different moves, though, that really set themselves apart. It is much better to have several moves that you have mastered, rather than a bunch of moves that you are just okay at. 


Too many times, players want to keep jumping from move to move, without first mastering the moves that they already know. If you want to be a player that is hard to guard, you must spend the needed time on different skills to master them. It may not be the most fun to drill the same moves over and over, but that is what it takes to master them. It is also what is going to set you apart from the competition. 


Stephen Curry took the time to master his shooting, Kyrie Irving took the time to master his ball-handling, and the list goes on. The players that master skills are the ones that set themselves apart from everyone else. If you want to be an elite-level player, you need to master the skills that you will be using during a game.

Eliminate Weaknesses

Along with mastery, you also need to remove weaknesses in your game. For example, if you can shoot the basketball at a high level, but can’t really handle the ball or make the defense pay on over closing out, you are going to be very limited. You must be able to eliminate weaknesses in your game, and in some cases, even turn them into strengths. 


It is going to be up to you to self evaluate and assess these weaknesses, but you know the areas that you struggle with. It is critical that you embrace working on these areas, even if it isn’t fun. If you continue to avoid them, they will only become more of an issue as you continue to play against better competition.

Continue to Find New Areas to Develop

One of the best things about playing basketball and working on your game is that it seems like there are always new areas to improve in. This only happens, though, if you are making a conscious effort to develop new areas of your game. It is going to be about mastering these new areas as you continue to go, but it is important to always be adding value to your game. 


It doesn’t have to be all about scoring either; there are plenty of ways that you can develop your game outside of scoring as well. The more you can do this; the higher your ceiling will be. 

Off the Court Work

As the game of basketball evolves, it continues to place a premium on physical abilities. Not only do you need to have the skills, but you also need to have the athleticism and strength to execute your moves against a defender. This means that you need to spend the time required in the weight room, developing your strength, speed, agility, quickness, vertical, etc. And if you don’t have access to a bunch of weights, don’t worry, there are plenty of bodyweight exercises and drills that you can do without any equipment as well. It is crucial, though, that you are spending time developing physically because the more you can do this, the more valuable your moves become.

The Importance of Finding Balance in Your Workouts Conclusion

As a basketball player, you must be not only working hard but working smart. The more you can do this, the more you will get out of your workouts. And if you are regularly maximizing your workouts, you are going to see a large amount of growth as a player. 


Outside of putting in work on the court and in the weight room, it is also critical that you are spending time learning and growing mentally as a player. The more you can become a student of the game, the more the game will slow down for you when you play. Also, you will better be able to understand when and where to use the different moves that you have been working on. 

So along with locking in on all of these workout details, spend time regularly learning and studying the game. Take advantage of all of the basketball resources out there. Because if you can develop both physically and mentally, you will set yourself up to be successful.

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