Elicit a Buy-In

Elicit a Buy-In

Here are eight (8) techniques to get good players, weak players, ALL players to trust you and buy into you as a coach.

I explain the eight techniques in further detail in the VLOG below. Lean in and listen!

1) Speak the truth. You better know what you’re talking about. Coach what is CORRECT.

2) Deliver the message in a connective conversation of love, passion, discipline with a SMILE 🙂

3) Be intimate with your touches and talk.

4) Meet them after practice. Give them a hug or high five. 

5) They can’t deny your concern or love when you WORK harder and display more energy than your players.

6) Lead with tough love, kindness, charisma and humor

7) Praise right, correct wrong, PERIOD!

8) Always remember coaching is an investment, not an entitlement!

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