How Do Overcome Discouragement?

Don’t Let Your Players Get Discouraged


As a coach/trainer we have all dealt with tough players, elite players, soft players, talented player and the list goes on. They have all gone through discouragement at some point in their life or career. Below are some tips you can use with those players that are going through discouragement. Get them to change their thinking and mindset.


Now this is gonna be a reality check for many of you. If you let the evil spirit of discouragement seep into the minds of your players, they will not achieve their goals. Discouragement is a mean and NASTY thing that “kills” kids. It will make them weak, make them selfish, make them lazy, and utterly destroy all value they have. It is the most popular item going today that many humans allow to live with them for too long. Everyone gets discouraged, but winners only let it visit for a small amount of time. Champions find THE I CAN, I WILL, I HAVE TO in life to get past it and continue!


  1. We have have had some awful injuries – DON’T GET DISCOURAGED!  If your not dead you are not DONE!

  1. Players have made mistakes – DON’T GET DISCOURAGED! Accept your punishment and then find that passion to get back and be amazing!

  1. Some players are not getting enough playing time- DON’T GET DISCOURAGED! Dominate practice. Everyone plays in practice. Use practice to get your rhythm back.


  1. Many players have not received scholarships yet- DON’T GET DISCOURAGED! YET means it has not happened now but the future has possibilities. Find out from your coach what you need to work on to make this happen! Have players answer the following questions?

  • Are you getting up 500 shots a day?

  • Are you watching film weekly with your coach and daily by yourself?

  • Are you utilizing the coaches availability for extra workouts.

  • Do you question the coach when he corrects?

  • Do you celebrate your teammates EVERYDAY in practice?

  • Do you push yourself to an exhaustive state in practice?


 5) When school work is hard and seems overwhelming, DON’T GET DISCOURAGED!

Please don’t let discouragement unlock all the other negative weapons out there that we can choose to use or choose to ignore. We all have the power to choose!

As coaches, we can’t let players be discouraged. Have them OWN their journey, their mistakes and assure them that they have the SOLUTIONS inside of them.



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