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Dig In & Don't be a Diva!

If there is one thing in life that I have trouble understanding or loving, it is lazy, entitled and soft people. God commanded me to love them and as hard as that is, I try and work on that. I don’t mix well with people who have those traits. It’s like oil and water, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins, the Celtics and Lakers. We will never get along.

Unfortunately I see it everywhere I go. In players, coaches, celebrities, and leaders. When you are apart of a team, you have to accept responsibility that it’s not about YOU. When you are in charge of bringing value to people who paid to come learn from you, be inspired by you, or be entertained by you, don’t consider your feelings before theirs.

Just recently I was in China doing a three week tour. During the Coaching Certification tours I’m in a different city every 2-3 days. We arrive, execute two days of coaching classes and then we leave for the next city. We arrive at another city and do it all over again. This happens over a period of 22 days. Trust me, it’s exhausting, BUT it’s my job. I tend to find tremendous spiritual joy in my job. It’s a calling and now a career. It’s an anointing God has on my life and not a job. But by no means, is it easy. Many jobs are not easy and most people who work don’t love what they do. I did a short vlog on one of my classes. 

Here is the situation:

The gym we were supposed to use for the coaching class was no longer an option due to a scheduling conflict. They put us (myself and 72 coaches) in an “icebox warehouse.” It was 32 degrees F, cold, hard tile floors full of dust and construction noise on the other side of the wall. To say that these were the worst conditions I have ever been in to coach is an understatement. The only worse condition I coached in was in 2010 in a 100 degree F gym in Florida but that is another story.

I had to make a choice and I had two options. To quit, give in and lean to excuses so I would not have to do the class and have the day off. My other option was that I could bear down, plant my feet on the ground and get after it!

I choose option #2.

Here are some nuggets to take home:

1) It’s your job to bring value to the table, don’t let any CIRCUMSTANCE get in the way of YOUR JOB.

2) Regardless of the pain, be positive! Camouflage your weakness, insecurities, or inconveniences you may feel. Let your “fruits of the spirit “ come out. Think good thoughts and speak LIFE to your audience.

3) Don’t be passive, be passionate. That needs no explanation

4) If you want to be an influencer then you have to bring your INTENSITY. You can’t do that by complaining. You can’t compete and complain at the same time, it’s impossible. People that make a difference dig in and circumvent all the negative situations that in fact are real. There may be many negative factors staring you down in your event. That does not mean that “they win!” No, you WIN! You DIG IN and DO WHAT YOU DO AND WHAT YOU ARE CALLED TO DO!

5) Don’t be a DIVA, instead DIG IN. You are a professional. When you were a rookie, you were dying to get opportunities like this. You were hungry and humble to be on any platform where you could show the world what you were made of and how you could help. Don’t be cool and complacent now that success has come into your home. Stay driven, stay focused, keep that “Eye of the Tiger” no matter what.

Everything you do will have an impact on your legacy. God puts people in your lives everyday to be inspired, impacted and changed by you! That’s why He gave you the leadership role. It’s a gift to you. Get over yourself and get to someone else!!

I posted the vlog on my IGTV or you can click below and watch it on YouTube. I hope this motivates you! Show this to someone who may be acting like a DIVA and needs to readjust and DIG IN!

Keep Getting After It!

Dig In & Don't Be a Diva by Ganon Baker Basketball Training and Development
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