Creating Your Own Shot

How do you create your own shot?

I find that more and more players are reaching out to me asking to help them to improve specific parts of the game. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is:

“How do I work on creating my own shot?”

Here are my thoughts:


1) First and for most, be AGGRESSIVE ON THE CATCH
-Catch in a triple threat and look to either:

a) Hit the first open teammate 

b) Attack the defender with a catch, shoot or drive to basket. This will force the defender to engage you and it changes the defenders stance. This also puts the defender in a back up position because they respect your first step. YOUR FIRST STEP HAS TO BE AGGRESSIVE in order to create space with your counter. It’s very simple. It does not matter how big or fast you are, all that matters is your mindset and practicing the right way over and over again.

2) Know the the 4 ways the defense can guard you off the catch.

a) If the defense is off of you,  pass, shoot or attack downhill to the rim.

b) If the defense closes out to your right, rip the ball to your left, clip the D’s hip and arm/wrist (must hit the side of the defender first).
If the defender is closing out to your left, you should do the same thing going to your right. You should be low enough where your shoulders are lower than your defenders shoulder. Here you can get the leverage and strength to be able to have enough power to create space if the defender hits you.

c) If the defender is stationed one arm length away and in an athletic stance, you need to add a fake. A pass fake, foot jab, shot fake, some kind of fake to lift the defender out of their athleticism.

d) If the defender crowds tight, then you need to get the defender on your hip and use some Kobe Pivots (found here)
– If you know what to do, you have a “preview of coming attractions“ then you are more confident when it actually happens. It will be easier to read and make a play in 1-2 seconds. Knowing what to do gives players confidence on how to do it and when to do it.

3) On a drive, lean into defender
–  Try to angle off the defender by leaning into the side of the defense on your drive/rip. Use your shoulder and forearm to lean into the defenders hip. Once you get your feet past the defenders feet then slide by the defender where your back is on the defenders hips and stomach (ideally).

4) On the 2nd or third dribble have a COUNTER MOVE 
– Once the defender or help, cuts you off, you have 4 choices: 1) Step back 2) change direction with a side step, dribble move. Spin or step through finish 3) Pick it up and add another shot fake to pass 4)Same thing to shoot a jumper

Ganon Baker Shooting

1) Practice
– practice the above before, after and during team practices, in season and off season. It’s not that difficult. WORK!

2) Practice the creating space skill sets
a) Practice ripping the ball to left and right
– 1 dribble, 2 dribble, changing direction after the rip, finish after the rip and dribble into your next play

b) Practice catching and shooting right away
– get your shot off in one second on the catch
– Shoot shots off the catch, cut, dribble, jabs and finish

c) Practice jabbing, faking and shooting off the triple threat

d) Practice your counter move
– the 4 options mentioned above until it’s instinct based

3. Play a lot of one on NONE, but play more ONE on ONE
– MOST players never get enough of this. My definition of one on one is 30 – 60 minutes a day with good players playing hard & competitive games! This is the best, BEST DRILL for creating space!

My online systematic curriculum has various sections and levels to it. The shooting curriculum is a great step by step progression that would help work on creating your own shot.

Check out the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced & Professional sections here.

We also have specific mini courses available such as: Shooting, Ball Handling, Moving without the Ball and much MORE!

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