Biggest Problem Between Coaches, Parents and Players

Biggest Problem Between Coaches, Parents and Players

Recently I sent an email asking how we can help you.

And I got this email from MM Basketball Training.

I agree 100%.

There’s often a huge disconnect between parents, players and coaches when it comes the player development.

After decades in the game as a player, coach and as a parent, I’ve found the reason for is often a simple communication problem.

Coaches and parents both want the best for the player. But they often don’t feel comfortable talking with each other.

Players and coaches often have a different definition of “putting in the work” too.

Here’s what I’d do in a situation like this as a coach

First, I’d set realistic expectations and goals for individual players and the team.

I’d take the time to speak with individual players 1 on 1 to find out their WHY.

Why they play and what they want to achieve this season and in their basketball career.

Write it down so you can hold players and your team accountable to achieving their own goals.

Speak to the player’s parents so you’re both on the same page about what’s expected.

If you’re working with players who want to get scholarships, make it clear less than 5% of high school players get one.

And make it ultra-clear how much work the players who do actually put in.

I’d go through this process on day one with a new team or at the start of the season.

I’d also go through it again at any point of the season I feel it’s necessary.

This is the first thing I do when I work with players 1 on 1 either virtually or as part of my Residency Program.

The second step is…

As I said above, a lack of clear communication is the biggest obstacle between coaches, players and parents working together.


The solution is having better communication.

Coaches, you have a responsibility to be clear on what you expect.

It’s your responsibility to make sure players understand everything.

Be clear on your non-negotiables from day one.

Work on your communication skills so you clearly define what you mean.

Parents, you have a responsibility to help your son or daughter’s coach.

You also have a responsibility to work closely with their coach, and to hold your player accountable.

Easy solution to this problem…

“Player says they put in the work. Coach says they don’t see any improvement”

Simply define what “the work” is.

Explain to players what it means to put in the work in practice.

And how to put in the work at home.

Schedule a meeting or phone call with parents to explain what “the work” is and why it’s so important to help their son / daughter achieve their basketball goals.

Yes, it takes time.

Yes, it might feel a little uncomfortable at first.

And yes, this one part of basketball that’s rarely talked about.


If you invest the time to build better relationships and have clear expectations, it’s much easier to have a pleasant working relationship so you help the player reach their full potential.

Speaking of building relationships between coaches and parents…

I have a special training program inside the GBB Vault that I hardly ever release to the public.

It’s a mini-training series for both coaches and parents called the Parent-Coach Relationship.

(The Parent Coach Relationship retails at $49 on the rare occasions I’ve released it to the public)

The part for coaches consists of short videos and a PDF summary revealing how to build a solid working relationship with parents.

You’ll discover exactly how to get parents working closely with you so they motivate their son / daughter to train at home.

It’s perfect for any part of the season – including the offseason where you can get players working out at home so they’re in the best shape when they return to practice.

The part for parents shows you how to work with the coach, and what to do to make sure your son / daughter is getting the best training sessions.

Plus, I’ll throw in my Non-negotiables Masterclass (retails at 49 bucks) as well.

Coaches, use this as a blueprint to build your philosophy so you design the team you want.

Parents, use this to make sure your son / daughter’s coach delivers the best workout possible.

As a special one-time price, I’ll let you get both the Parent-Coach Relationship training bundle AND the non-negotiables Masterclass for a single buck.

If you want to get access to both programs, hit reply and I’ll send you the link to complete your purchase. 

Keep Getting After It


P.S. Want me to work with you more closely to coach you in your unique situation with your unique player / players?

I’d like to invite coaches, parents and players to book a call with my team to see how our “work-with-you” coaching programs can help you or your athlete reach and exceed their goals.

Go to the page below for a (free) strategy call to see how we can help you:

If you want us to help you as a coach, book a call here

If you want to us to help your player, check out here

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