Apply MJ’s Special Skill So Players Are Never Afraid To Make Mistakes

One of my favorite shows of all time is The Last Dance.

And one of my favorite takeaway lessons from the documentary is MJ’s special skill.

Which was always being present and self-aware.

Apply MJ’s Special Skill So Players Are Never Afraid To Make Mistakes

It’s no secret that a lot of people today are on auto-pilot as they mindlessly scroll through their social feeds.

And it’s no secret that most people in all parts of life struggle to be present and self-aware.

I can’t tell you how to unlock this in yourself.

But I can tell you the more present and self-aware a player is, the better they’re going to perform in practice and in live play.


One of the biggest challenges young players (and even the pros) have is being afraid to make mistakes.

And when you’re afraid to make mistakes, you’re putting more conscious thought into what you’re doing.

Drawing attention to what you’re doing slows you down.

Making it more likely you’ll make mistakes.

Simply put:

The more a player second guesses themselves, the less effective they’re going to be.

The opposite is true.

The less conscious thought a player has in the game, the more effective they’re going to be.

Because they’re making faster decisions.

Also because they’re playing in flow.

Because they’re 100% focused on reacting to what’s happening right now.

Instead of worrying about missing a shot or dropping the ball or any other external factor.


It’s your responsibility as a coach or as a parent who wants their son / daughter to reach their full potential in basketball to help your player(s).

But, just exactly how do you help a player become more present and self-aware:

As I mentioned above, I can’t tell you what to do here.

Simply because it’s so subjective.

What might work with one player wouldn’t work with another.

There’s no one-size fits all strategy for every player.

Every athlete has a unique personality, style and background that determines how they’ll respond to any given strategy.

I’d encourage you to study the mental and emotional side of player development.

So you have a wide variety of techniques and strategies to help any player become more self-aware and present on the court.

Which means your athletes and team play in flow, make faster decisions and perform better more consistently.

If you’d like my help to show you how to use a variety of mental and emotional strategies as a coach so your players are never afraid of making mistakes, schedule a call so we can see how we can help you.

Or If you want your player to reach their full potential and overcome mental and emotional problems like a lack of self-awareness, confidence issues and performing under pressure, I’d like to invite you to book a call on the page below:


Keep Getting After It


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