On a regular, I receive texts, emails, calls and DM’s asking for advice/mentorship on different topics in the basketball world such as; coaching job offers, advice on the skills training business, etc. People want my opinion and advice.  

I always start by asking them the list of questions below. This forces them to think a little deeper and outside the box. 

1) What’s your short term goal?

2) What’s your long term goal?

3) Do your goals align up with your ****** offer?

4) Does your family support it?

5) Will it impact your family in a positive way? WHY would you take this job if it can’t HELP OR SUPPORT YOUR FAMILY?

6) Do you trust ********* will pay you and honor the contract? 

7) Have you asked God about the opportunity?

In my experience, ******** is a very unstable pro-market.

Response: I truly appreciate your response. I honestly hadn’t even thought about some of those questions. I knew you would tell me what I needed to hear and guide me to finding my right answer. I appreciate you. Thanks.

Our team offers a FREE mentorship program where we cover basketball business and skill development questions. We even do LIVE zoom calls. If you are interested in signing up, email us at: [email protected]

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