We all hear players and parents talk to others about how their son/daughter is going to get a College basketball scholarship or wants to play at the College level. It’s much easier said than done. Here are some suggestions for parents or Coaches on how to talk to their kids who want to play at the next level. 

1) Be honest with them  it takes a serious amount of talent and grit to receive a college basketball scholarship. Weather it’s from KANSAS or Hampton University (low D1) or Bluefield (NAIA D2) or JUCO, it’s very difficult if they don’t have suggestion #2 below.

2) They need a passion (AGAPE LOVE) and time management skills  it’s a commitment that no matter what they are going to in the time, effort and sacrifice to make this goal/dream come true

3) Hold them to their word and hold them accountable  Your relationship might be rocky for a while because you are making them own their LIFE. Get on them when they don’t wake up early, miss a workout, spend too much time on their phone, eat a bad meal, don’t get their sleep, bad mouth the coach or lazy closeout on defense. These are just some examples on what to hold them accountable for.

4) Respectfully work with their Coach on this goal(he/she is on your team too)– They are the coach and made the choice and sacrifice to take the job, so give them the respect and the benefit to do his/her job. Alert them of your family’s goals. Stay on them about what can be done or what they are doing. Set up annual or semi annual meetings to get on the same page, and follow up with action steps.

But most importantly be kind to them. Develop a positive relationship regardless of your differences in basketball opinions.

5) Have a plan during the off-season – this is where you get better, tougher, and create opportunities to be seen. Below are suggestions 

  • Work on your game on your own or with a teammate. Get to an open gym, in gyms by yourself but you have to be working on your skills, body and game. Do 1 on 0 drills and especially 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 5 on 5 ect. I suggest you play against older, bigger and tougher players. Go play pick up at colleges, rec centers, etc. 
  • Go to a teaching camp. This is where you learn the game from great Coaches. There may be some small college coaches in attendance. There will be enough Coaches that if you “ball out” they can recommend you. 
  • Find the right AAU team for you. They must play in tournaments with College Scouts in attendance. Your AAU coach can’t behave like an idiot. Make sure you check their: 

✅ passion, 

✅ purpose

✅ respect for the game and others. 

✅ work ethic

✅ average competency of the game and exposure 

If they check all the boxes, they can influence and help your child tremendously. 

You may ask about showcases, 1-2 day events. Get a number, play in front of scouts who rank. I’m not a fan of showcases. If you have the time and money, go for it. It can’t hurt you but I’m not sure it will HELP much. If your child does go, then tell them to: 

– PLAY AT BOTH ENDS – be so good that people can’t ignore you. 

– Make a SOUND. Talk, touch and win your games

– Don’t be passive, be passionate.

– Don’t ask, just ATTACK,  ATTACK, ATTACK!


Parents, if you need any more advice, please email me at [email protected]

Thank you! 

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