A Point Guard Checklist

A Blueprint for Skill Success (14 Things)

Coaches, are we really preparing our players for the next step?   In HS when our players graduate, they should have the skills and the basketball IQ to excel in college (if they have the talent as well.)   

In College when our players graduate, we owe it to them to equip them with the skills and basketball savvy and IQ to play on some type of professional level (if they have the talent)

What skill sets does a point a wing and a post, truly need to be competitive and successful?

In my years of playing HS, college, and pro ball, 18 years of working out NBA, WNBA, college, and HS players all over the globe,  I use the below checklist for players.  We will examine the point position. Meaning if I have a player for a significant amount of time, I am exhausting all efforts trying to get them to master these skill sets.  

All of my drills are centered around these skills:

1.  Bring ball up against full court defensive pressure in 8 seconds. A good point should be able to do this in less than 8. This is an advantage especially if there is a shot clock in play.

2.  A PG must be able to play in straight lines with the bounce.  They must master the change of speed and direction moves to get separation from the D.

3.  They have to master the ball screen – they have to be able to shoot a floater or a pull-up jumper off
           -A dribble attack separation off the screen
           -A reject the screen
           -A split the screen
           -If not shoot, passing options to the screener, weak side shooters, duckin, or lift man

4.  They have to know how to cut off the post to:
           -Cut to the rim then opposite spot up
           -Screen for a teammate
           -Post up at the end of their cut

5.  Points have to be effective from 3pt range.  I like my points to shoot 60%-70% in drills so that will equate to 35%-45% in the game.

6.  Make open mid range spot ups, especially corner shots.  Again, they must knock down 70%-80% of drill jumpers to get 40%-50% of game jumpers

7.  Have 2 separation moves and a counter off the dribble and off the catch in the triple threat.  You cannot pressure players when they have these weapons.

8.  Shoot a floater off 1 or 2 feet and have a “2nd pivot finishing move” off 2 feet.  This can be to get out of pressure for a shot or a pass.

9.  Make others a threat by being able to:
           – Pass off both hands and at times make 1 handed passes
           -Get to the 5 Kill Boxes consistently
           -Kill boxes are the 2 elbows, 2 low blocks, and the midline
           (A kill box is where you get to that spot and kill the defense.
The 4 things that make the defense vulnerable here are:
           1. Higher field goal % shots occur
           2. More offensive rebounds occur
           3. More receivers become available and open
           4. More fouls most likely occur

10.  Hit players with the pass in transition offense (fast break) when they are open.

11.  Make open shots off a pin down (down screen.)  They must be able to read their defender off down screens.

12.  Guard a ball handler in the full court.  Keep them in front and out of the paint in the half court. Try to “Catch” their first move.

13.  Be in GREAT shape.  Come back to school; start the season in the BEST shape of their LIVES.

14.  Be Mentally Tough
           -Nothing rattles them
           -Their resolve is incredible, meaning they can bounce back from negative practices, possessions and games.
           -They are ALL IN
           -They have a pit bull type of confidence and swagger so they can LEAD.

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